We arrived in Low Head just before noon on Sunday. We could call that absolute genius. Or we could admit to a very lucky coincidence.

Low Head - Lighthouse

Low Head Lighthouse

Tourists in Tasmania: Low Head

For the uninitiated (like us!) the famous foghorn at Low Head Lighthouse sounds at noon every Sunday. The world’s only operable G-type diaphone is popular with tourists in Tasmania and we now have a real appreciation for the deep and powerful tone.

Low Head - Maritime Museum

Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum

The region’s natural beauty is also remarkable. The Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum boasted a gorgeous vista in every direction.

Low Head - Pilot Station

Pilot Station: Low Head, Tasmania

Lunch and Tassie Sunshine

Our luck-laced visit continued and we were blessed with fabulous weather. Our mobile-phone snaps were enhanced with blue skies and turquoise waters. As we mentioned via social media, the colours were just extraordinary.

Low Head - Tasmania

Low Head via George Town, Tasmania

We had a light lunch at Coxswain’s Cafe, which is housed in a cute little cottage on the grounds of Low Head Pilot Station. The chicken wrap filled the gap; then we powered on with our Tamar Valley winery excursion.

Low Head - Coxswain's Cafe

Lunch: Coxswain’s Cafe

Low Head is officially a suburb of George Town near Bell Bay in northern Tasmania, and is located on a peninsula at the mouth of the Tamar River.

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