Visiting Luma Pizza Bar was a completely surprising experience. The restaurant is located in the middle of The Cambridge Centre, a shopping complex on the Tasman Highway en route to the airport from Hobart’s CBD. That’s a place we’d go if we were hunting for a new bed. From now on, we’ll go there for food too! The wood-fired, sourdough pizza was totally scrumptious.

Luma Pizza Bar - Cambridge Tasmania

Wood-fired: Luma Pizza Bar, Cambridge Tasmania

Cambridge Centre: Luma Pizza Bar

True to form, we chose some small plates and sides to accompany the pizza. My favourite was the flatbread served with capsicum dip. I understand the dip flavour may change regularly, and that’s all good. As long as I can get my hands on more of that bread, I’ll be happy!

Luma Pizza Bar - Dip and Flatbread

Capsicum dip with THE most amazing flatbread

Gavin devoured the lamb ribs and declared them incredibly moreish. I did steal some tzatsiki (it was a dippy kinda night) and I will definitely encourage the re-ordering of this “share” plate next time we dine at Luma Pizza Bar.

Luma Pizza Bar - Lamb Ribs

Share plates and small plates: lamb ribs

Between us, we enjoyed the duck fat potatoes and a side salad. We did have a third diner with us thank goodness, because we ordered so much food. It was just one of those menus… we wanted to try everything!

Luma Pizza Bar - Duck Fat Potatoes

Sides: duck fat potatoes and salad

Luma Pizza Bar is officially located at 22/66 Kennedy Drive. It’s part of The Cambridge Centre, Hobart’s homemaker shopping precinct (which was once called Cambridge Park). Phone (03) 6240 1875 for details or follow Luma Pizza Bar on Facebook.

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Map: Luma Pizza Bar, Cambridge Tasmania


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