Recently we published an article about Mark de Bont from Three Little Ducks in Bellerive. We spoke of his quest to run the Paris Marathon to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. Now Think Tasmania would like to shine the spotlight on Judi Adams, the fundraising dynamo behind Lumin8 Hobart: Pink Diamonds Black Pearls. With a focus on breast cancer research, and hosted at the Henry Jones Art Hotel, the event is sure to appeal to many readers.

Lumin8 Hobart - Henry Jones Art Hotel

Henry Jones Art Hotel (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Lumin8 Hobart: Judi Adams on a Mission

Judi Adams is a whirlwind when it comes to the fight against cancer. The National Breast Cancer Foundation consider her one of their most valued fundraisers in fact. Proving one person can make a difference, Judi has dedicated much time to the cause in memory of a close friend, who lost their battle with the disease.

Judi has worked tirelessly since 2004 coordinating events, and Lumin8 Hobart is just one of many. Her ethos as a volunteer for the National Breast Cancer Foundation saw her nominated as a Telstra Awards finalist in 2012.

Hobart Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation

Each year, people from Hobart and the wider Tasmanian community show their support, help raise awareness and much-needed funds for breast cancer. Tickets are still available for Lumin8 Hobart 2013 and the cost includes finger food, beer and wine, sweet treats from Ultimate Lolly Banquet, fashion previews and substantial giveaways from Estee Lauder.

Lumin8 Hobart - Pink Diamonds Black Pearls

Lumin8 Hobart (poster supplied)

This year’s Lumin8 Hobart theme is Pink Diamonds Black Pearls. One lucky guest will take home a magnificent strand of black pearls courtesy of Claudia Jewellers. All guests are entered into various draws with a chance to win other prizes such as…

Lumin8 Hobart will be held on Thursday 6 June 2013 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the the IXL Atrium of the Henry Jones Art Hotel. For bookings phone 62356830 (mobile 0415 294 610) and for more information about Lumin8 Hobart contact Judi Adams.

Lumin8 Hobart is a sister event to the Global Illumination campaign of the National Breast Cancer Foundation held across major capital cities and Australian regional centres. Judi Adams and her committee host a range of annual events under the Lumin8 banner, aiming to appeal to a broad demographic. Future events include the Think Pink Cup (21 July) and a convertible car display on the lawns of Parliament House dubbed “Take Your Tops Off for Breast Cancer Research” (26 October).

Lumin8 Hobart - Take Your Tops Off for Breast Cancer Research

Lumin8 Hobart: Take Your Tops Off (photo supplied)

Please share this information about Lumin8 Hobart with your friends to help spread the word. Judi Adams says thanks in anticipation.

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Map: Lumin8 Hobart, Tasmania

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