Via Think Tasmania on Instagram, we promised details of lunch at Salamanca Inn. So here goes!

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Cheesecake Special

Lemon Cheesecake: lunch at Salamanca Inn

Cheesecake for Lunch at Salamanca Inn!

Life is short, so we’re going to skip straight to the most important thing. Cheesecake! The specials board reveals each current incarnation at this restaurant; we scored lemon cheesecake with white chocolate and watermelon sorbet. We thought that was pretty special, but then we heard the next offering was a “Rich Chocolate Easter-Egg Cheesecake”. OMG.

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake (photo: Beef and Seafood Grill)

Seriously though, cheesecake may not be the most important thing to everyone. Our lunch at Salamanca Inn did start with some magnificent seafood selections, kinda appropriate given we were at the Beef and Seafood Grill. When in Rome, you know!

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Beef and Seafood Grill Restaurant

Seafood selections: lunch at Salamanca Inn

Beef and Seafood Grill

Fish and chips from Salamanca Inn’s weekday lunch menu: battered flathead served with beer battered fries and garden salad. Very reasonably priced too, in our humble opinion. Meals were delivered to the table so promptly, we could enjoy our downright proper lunch AND get back to the office in a timely manner.

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Fish and Chips

Battered Flathead, chips and salad

Our other meal was the baked fish from the specials board in the restaurant; it too was thoroughly enjoyable. Cajun spiced blue eye trevalla served on bintje potato mash with buttered beans. Yum!

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Beef and Seafood Grill

Cajun-spiced blue eye trevalla

Salamanca Inn: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We’ve now eaten dinner and lunch at Salamanca Inn. And breakfast. And we’ve stayed the night in one of the totally gorgeous Salamanca Inn rooms. The next thing we need to do is visit the bar attached to the Beef and Seafood Grill restaurant for drinkies after work one day. Who’s with us?

Lunch at Salamanca Inn - Bar

Drinks: Salamanca Inn after work

Beef and Seafood Grill is located within Salamanca Inn on Gladstone Street, Hobart (right near Salamanca Place). Phone (03) 6220 0404 for details or follow Beef and Seafood Grill and/or Salamanca Inn on Facebook.

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Map: Salamanca Inn, Hobart Tasmania

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