What is made in Tasmania? Good question, that. All over the state, markets offer a feast for the senses and a truly unique insight into the creative talents of the Tasmanian people. It’s a great way to meet locals, too.

Made in Tasmania: Market Showcase

The compact nature of the island provides the perfect opportunity for local producers to peddle their wares. You can buy fresh seasonal produce but the mixture of goods also extends to flowers, chocolates, handbags, clothing and much more.

Tasmanian timber carvings made in Tasmania

Made in Tasmania from local timber

Buy something made in Tasmania from a market stall; and you buy something unique with a little shot of Tassie magic.

Happy Hobart Market Customers

With a crowd of happy patrons looking for things to buy, the Salamanca Market in Hobart provides a weekly opportunity to purchase a special souvenir made in Tasmania. This is both a resourceful and industrious sales avenue and a fabulous attraction for tourists. The market is a day out in itself: plenty of entertainment, a great Hobart waterfront location and a good selection of really delicious food.

Salamanca Market, Hobart: Made in Tasmania

Salamanca Market, Hobart Tasmania

Basically, there will be a market somewhere nearby. Regardless of the day of the week or the weather, there will be an opportunity to buy something made in Tasmania.

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