If I were a Rural Reporter for the ABC, I would have to mind my p’s and q’s while out on an assignment. Fortunately, it’s quite different when you’re out on business for Think Tasmania. Once you’ve introduced yourself, handed out the cards and sought permissions for photos you can really be yourself.

Madjak - Royal Oak Hotel

Royal Oak Hotel in Launceston

Madjak At The Royal Oak

by Roger Findlay

I come over as a conservative English gentleman but little do people know that I’ve also survived football hooliganism, been a Mod and seen Led Zeppelin. Yes – I’m still a bloody party animal! The Royal Oak (Launceston) is the only place to be on a Sunday night and on the night that I was there the entertainment was exceptional. I had over a gallon of beer in the tank when Madjak took the floor. A regular bar fly had already warned me that you only see it in Tasmania. He was right!

I could see a story in this one and I was out of the blocks ahead of the Rural Reporter who was still tackling the rib-eye and attracting the local studs. In Gloster shirt, RM Williams boots and Lizard mole skins, she would appeal to a city boy but not to a seasoned hobby farmer from Gerogery West who has experienced two varieties of drought including one with her indoors.

Madjak Knows His Country Music

Madjak is just a normal bloke as you can see from the photos. His business card stated his area of expertise as: singer, songwriter, performer, producer etc. He told me how he was regular at Tamworth and was an acquaintance of Lee Kernaghan who hails from Albury and asked me to pass-on his regards.

Madjak - Bed Pan Instrument

Madjak plays his music

Not everyone can play a converted bedpan like Madjak! He made the instrument himself and was proud to show me the handy work. I had trouble focussing for a close-up. It wasn’t the fault of Nikon and I blame it on the gallon of Hazards.

Dedication to the Very End

“My Old Man’s a Dustman” was the stand-out for the night and the only one I remembered in the morning. On these occasions, it means that you’ve had a great night out and one to remember, even if you forget the detail. I left the Oak after 10:00pm. It was still going on but I was hungry and swayed down the road to Cameron Street and my favourite Hoong Fatt Chinese take-away.

Such is the life of a Think Tasmania reporter and the fringe benefits that go with it.

Roger Findlay spends all his holidays in Tasmania, then writes about the experience for Think Tasmania. If you’d like Roger to visit you in the name of research (so we can publish information about your business) please contact us.

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