We are not gardeners, that much is true. When we spotted an amazingly-beautiful bloom in Richmond, we wondered what it was. It was perched on the otherwise-naked stick of a small tree, inside a tree-guard cage. We ate chocolate eclairs (delicious) from the Richmond Bakery, as we admired the bloom and snapped photos of course. As luck would have it, Better Homes and Gardens (you know, the TV show on Channel 7) featured a story about a similar-looking plant that very weekend. It’s a magnolia!

Magnolia - Richmond Tasmania

Magnolia bloom: Richmond Tasmania

Brilliant Magnolia. Blooming Magnificent

Despite Better Homes and Gardens, we still weren’t 100% sure it was a magnolia. We are not gardeners… I repeat. There’s a garden section at Plants Plus in Lauderdale made specifically for us! Plenty of Think Tasmania’s social media friends could resonate too, it seems!

Magnolia - Plants Plus

Hard to Kill: the plants we need

But back to the suspected magnolia. We did notice more stunning blooms in Bellerive and Howrah, so we asked our trusty Facebook followers for confirmation. Yes, they are indeed magnolia plants. Apparently the flowers don’t last long, and they’re fragile in windy conditions, but they are so very magnificent. They’re enough to make anyone yearn for green thumbs. And clearly, they grow very well in Tasmania… if you know what you’re doing!

Magnolia - Howrah Tasmania

Beautiful pink magnolia: Howrah Tasmania

Magnolia - Blooms in Bellerive

Magnolia blooms via Bellerive Tas Facebook (click image)

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