We suggest people should Think Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government’s Department of State Growth has taken that concept even further, calling for people to Make It Tasmania. What a great idea!

Make It Tasmania - Think Tasmania

Preservation Bay, Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Department of State Growth: Make It Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government has a target of growing the state’s population to 650,000 by 2050. The Department of State Growth has launched Make It Tasmania, a website to promote Tasmania as a place to live and work and encourage migration. The website provides links to various content relevant to people interested in the Tasmanian lifestyle.

Make It Tasmania - Website

Department of State Growth: Make It Tasmania website

We’re telling Think Tasmania’s dedicated readers about this new website, because it’s already apparent you’re interested in the Tasmanian lifestyle. Well you do follow us! So you’ll no doubt find Make It Tasmania another great resource.

Make It Tasmania - Huon Valley

Make it Tasmania: Huon Valley

Think Tasmania Feature

We’ve just been featured on the new website, so now is a great time to take a look-see! You can read all about our own personal move to Tasmania and the busines/family lifestyle we’ve created, as written and shared by Make It Tasmania. There’s plenty of other interesting stories too, we promise… it’s not all about us!

Make It Tasmania - Harvest Launceston

Harvest Launceston (photo by Dan Fellow)

Make It Tasmania is a handy online resource launched by the Department of State Growth. Email contact@makeittasmania.com.au for details or follow Make It Tasmania on Facebook.

Make It Tasmania - Chocolates

Chocolate: big business in Tasmania

Thank You Make It Tasmania

Huge thanks to Adam Foster, advisor to Minister Matthew Groom; the ever-efficient Anne Beach, Acting Director: Growth Strategy and Corodination Branch and the rest of the awesome team at the Department of State Growth for having such faith in Think Tasmania. We’re especially pleased to be recognized in such a way for the promotional work we’ve done (and will continue to do) for this glorious state.

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