John and Anne Cole-Cook operate Maria Island Ferry and Eco Cruises from Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania. They are passionate about Maria Island, and have asked Think Tasmania to write a feature to promote their special region. Of course, so we can do that, we have to visit and experience what’s on offer first hand. And John and Anne have issued an invitation that we can hardly refuse!

Maria Island Ferry - Eco Cruises

Maria Island Ferry (photo supplied)

Maria Island Ferry: Memorable Experience

by John and Anne Cole-Cook

Dear Tania,

To board the Maria Island Ferry is a voyage back in time to where Australia’s white settlement began. Captain John and his trusty 1st mate Anne will take great delight in giving you an experience you will never forget; a memorable experience. Departure times, travel arrangements and personalized cruises can vary to suit where possible.

Maria Island has gone through many periods in history from long before the last ice age. Evidence of this can be seen during the cruises. We believe that the Aborigines used it as a spiritual burial ground. Sealers and whalers were visiting it long before it was first settled by Lieutenant Murdoch for a penal colony. A full commentary will reveal all during the journey as required.

Maria Island Ferry - Darlington

Maria Island: historic Darlington (photo by Dan Fellow)

Departure point is at the delightful fishing port of Triabunna on Tasmania’s East Coast. The Maria Island Ferry is a purpose-built catamaran especially designed for this voyage. The twin hulls making it very stable and comfortable. There is an upper observation deck providing a 360⁰ view, just perfect for enjoying the sea birds, penguins, seals, dolphins and whales.

You have the choice of walking or bike riding (BYO or hire one of ours). Bring your own lunch or we can organize a hamper for you. Staying overnight is another fabulous idea and gives you longer to explore and enjoy. Stay either at the Penitentiary (backpacker bunk-style) or bring your own tent and camp.

Maria Island Ferry - Cycling

Maria Island Ferry: hire bikes (photo by Dan Fellow)

The voyage is approximately 40 minutes (and costs the general public $35). A short five minute walk will have you surrounded by a World Heritage convict settlement and you will soon come face to face with the local wildlife… possibly including the newly introduced Tasmanian devil.

Kind regards,

John and Anne Cole-Cook

Maria Island Ferry and Eco Cruises

Maria Island Ferry: Take Two

We should point out that Roger Findlay (one member of the great team we have here at Think Tasmania) did visit and meet with John and Anne Cole-Cook during his Tassielink bus tour of Tasmania. Unfortunately that was during the off-season for the Maria Island Ferry service, and he wasn’t able to go for a cruise to the east coast national park.

So we need to make this happen; then we can share the experience with all of you. Or maybe… you could just make your own way to Triabunna and tell us all about it?

25 February 2013 ~ You can now read all about our visit to Maria Island, and we totally agree with Anne and John that it’s a must-do experience.

For more information, visit the Maria Island Ferry website or phone 0419 74 6668. You can also contact John and Anne Cole-Cook by email or follow Maria Island Ferry and Eco Cruises on Facebook.

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Map: Maria Island Ferry, Triabunna Tasmania

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