Maria Island Tasmania. What can we say? Actually, nothing! As regular readers will already know, Think Tasmania writes articles from first hand experience. And we haven’t been to Maria Island in Tasmania. Yet. But hopefully we can change that soon. Our neighbours have recommended it. Our tennis coach has given it the thumbs up. We just have to drive to Triabunna and do it.

Maria Island Tasmania - Triabunna Beach

Triabunna (photo by Dan Fellow)

Maria Island Tasmania. Why Not?

So why haven’t we been to Maria Island? In our defence, Tasmania does have a lot of ground to cover in terms of idyllic places. And I’ll share a little secret with you. A trip to Maria Island, on the east coast of Tasmania, is on someone’s Christmas wish list.

We do appreciate your requests for information about Maria Island. Tasmanian newspapers have published several stories recently about tourism opportunities for the region. So here’s a few snippets to whet your appetite, until we can bring you a more in-depth report.

Maria Island Tasmania Ferry

It’s an island – you need some way of getting there! John and Anne Cole-Cook operate the Maria Island Ferry and Eco Cruises. There is a regular ferry between Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania to the historic settlement of Darlington. The trip takes about 40 minutes each way, and the ferry accommodates 48 passengers.

Maria Island Tasmania - Ferry

Maria Island Ferry (photo supplied)

Maria Island Walk with Nature

Ian Johnstone has just won an award for outstanding contribution to the Tasmanian Tourism industry, (to add to the swag of awards his business has already racked up). He operates Maria Island Walk. Tourism on Maria Island is largely based on the nature and unspoiled beauty of the place. Visit the Maria Island Walk website and check out photos from their nature adventures.

Maria Island Tasmania - Painted Cliffs

Maria Island: Painted Cliffs (photo by Dan Fellow)

Cape Barren Goose

All of Maria Island has national park status and is controlled by Parks and Wildlife Tasmania. Their Maria Island Tasmania website is very informative and includes details of national park entry fees, accommodation and activities. A hot-spot for bird-watching, Maria Island is a haven for wildlife, including the threatened Cape Barren Goose.

Maria Island Tasmania - Cape Barren Goose

Maria Island: Cape Barren Goose (photo by Dan Fellow)

Can’t wait to bring you the details of our visit to Maria Island.

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