We had an lovely experience at The Italian Pantry in North Hobart with Herbaceous Tours. So we’re very happy guest author Chrissie Webster has shared this information with us about their chef, Marino Maciocco. We’ve also made a note to mention the venue in our next Tiger Airways in-flight magazine column. Shouldn’t everyone know Hobart has such fabulous places to visit? And it’s exceptionally good timing from Chrissie too, because The Italian Pantry has just been awarded the prestigious Italian Hospitality Seal. Congratulations!

Marino - The Italian Pantry

Chef Marino Maciocco: The Italian Pantry (photo supplied)

Marino Maciocco: Top Italian in Tasmania

by Chrissie Webster

Italian chef and baker Marino Maciocco has been tantalising Tasmanian tastebuds for the last four years, since he and his wife Chrissie relocated to Hobart from Melbourne. Marino has been a chef for 20+ years and in that time has been fortunate enough to work at some of the most established Italian restaurants in Melbourne; spend some time running a restaurant at Mount Bulla, and also have stints working in Switzerland and Italy.

Within the first couple of years he had established his own bakery business Bello Cibo, which soon gained a credible reputation for a delectable array of breads and pastries, and, particularly for his ciabatta.. which included olive, sundried tomato and garlic and rosemary flavours.

The Italian Pantry: First Class Marino

The past 12 months have seen him working at The Italian Pantry in North Hobart, and it didn’t take too long before they achieved almost a cult status in Hobart’s dining environment. The dinners always sell out and at times there has been a 2-3 month wait for tables. These meals are lovingly masterminded, and are regionally based.

Samples from recent menus include: Pancetta di maiale, Pasta alla chitarra con polpetti e ragù, Fritelli di limone ricotta. He is now offering classes at the Italian Pantry, his first Fatto a mano class sold out so quickly another had to be hastily organised.

Marino - Teaches Classes in Italian Food

Marino: The Italian Pantry (photo supplied)

Marino states that he loves having access to this wonderful Tasmanian produce which has reinspired and reinvigorated him.

Who is Chrissie Webster?

Chrissie Webster is a Tasmanian who had been living in Melbourne for the past 23 years. She decided that enough was enough and encouraged her husband Marino to come to Hobart to live. They have now been here almost four years and have both absolutely loved the pace of life and their lives in general in Tasmania.

Chirssie notes: “It’s not the same sleepy little town I left behind. Moving back and being married to a chef, we set about eating at as many places as possible… all in the name of research!!! And have been delighted to see that the food just gets better and better.”

Chrissie is a nurse, and trained here back in the day when it involved training at the hospital. She has been working mostly shift work since being here, which at times has been difficult. But she also feels that friends and the way of life outweigh that inconvenience.

Think Tasmania is happy to say that Chrissie is considering writing more reviews about her local culinary adventures, in Hobart in particular. We think she’s well-placed to make comment as a guest author, and we’re glad to make her welcome. If you’d like any of our writers to visit you, please contact us.

Photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Chrissie Webster, with this article.

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