Ruth and Mark de Bont own Three Little Ducks, a restaurant in Bellerive on Hobart’s eastern shore. As you may know, Bellerive is also the major home base for cricket in Tasmania, which is played at Blundstone Arena. And therein lies the connection between running the Paris Marathon and raising money for the McGrath Foundation. Still don’t see the connection? Let me explain.

Mark de Bont - Bellerive Tasmania

Bellerive Tasmania

Fundraising Run: Mark de Bont

Owner and head chef at Three Little Ducks, Mark de Bont wants to raise awareness of breast cancer. His sister-in-law from the Netherlands is a survivor and by assisting the McGrath Foundation in their quest to raise much-needed funds for Breast Care Nurses, he is doing his bit for a great cause. Choosing to support such a worthy cause was a snap for Mark and his wife Ruth, given Tasmanian cricketers have been very supportive of their restaurant.

Mark de Bont - Tasmanian Cricket, Blundstone Arena

Blundstone Arena, Bellerive Tasmania

But I still haven’t touched on the Paris Marathon aspect of this story. Mark de Bont is drawing attention to the McGrath Foundation by running his very first marathon. In Paris! Now why would Mark choose Paris to embark on his first marathon? Good question.. although I did want to ask why a novice runner, with somewhat dodgy knees, would choose any marathon, let alone one in Paris.

Paris Marathon. Why?

Ruth, who is Mark’s number one supporter in the campaign, told me (and I’m fairly convinced she was being serious) that the marathon course is flat in Paris, with great architecture to admire as you run. Besides those “compelling” reasons, Mark’s brother generated a little sibling rivalry by completing the New York Marathon. And what trumps that? Why Paris, of course!

Mark de Bont - Training for the Paris Marathon

Mark de Bont: Sydney Australia (photo supplied)

Mark and Ruth will be self-funding their entire trip to France in April, and will take the opportunity to visit family in Europe while they’re at it. Now there’s a more valid reason to choose Paris, if you ask me! And while you’re asking my opinion… I really admire what these guys are doing. Running a popular restaurant is one thing… running a marathon for charity takes commitment to a whole new level. Such dedication to a great cause is definitely worthy of wide-scale community support.

Mark de Bont - Three Little Ducks, Bellerive

Ruth and Mark de Bont: Three Little Ducks

Ruth and Mark de Bont: Three Little Ducks

Mark and Ruth have set an ambitious goal to raise $10,000 for the McGrath Foundation. Three Little Ducks will be hosting a four-hour, long table lunch on the Bellerive Village Boardwalk in a bid to raise funds. Lunch includes finger food and five alcoholic drinks and tickets are selling now for $100 each. The date is set for February 15th; 80% of proceeds will be donated to the breast cancer charity. For bookings, call (03) 6245 0566 .

Mark de Bont - Bellerive Boardwalk

Ruth and Mark de Bont: Bellerive

When you dine at Three Little Ducks in Bellerive, give Ruth and Mark de Bont a little encouragement. And any donation would of course be very well received.

Blundstone Arena in Bellerive (Hobart) is now also the Tasmanian footy base for the North Melbourne Kangaroos in the AFL.

Visit the McGrath Foundation website for more information about breast care nurses. For bookings for the long table lunch or to make a donation, email Ruth and Mark de Bont or visit Mark’s Paris Marathon website. You can also follow the Mark de Bont Paris Marathon campaign on Facebook.

Map: Three Little Ducks, Bellerive Tasmania

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