A craft market in a Masonic Temple is a bit different. I had visited before and found my way upstairs where I enjoyed reading magazines that didn’t quite reveal all the secrets of a Freemason. On my second visit, this past July, I had Nikon for company. We had already enjoyed our visit to the Farm Gate Market in North Hobart and we needed to fill-in time before catching the Tassielink bus to Launceston.

Masonic Temple - Sandy Bay Road, Hobart

The Market: Masonic Temple, Hobart

Masonic Temple Hobart: Making Music

by Roger Findlay

As I approached the grand main entrance of the Masonic Temple, I was greeted by choral harmonies. To my surprise, choristers filled the steep curved staircase just inside the door. This was too good to miss. My camera clicked, my eyes watered and melodious tones accompanied the breath from my lungs. I was singing in a choir!

Masonic Temple - Sing Australia Hobart Choir

Sing Australia Hobart Choir

The Sing Australia Hobart Choir is a group of people who enjoy learning songs and singing. It’s a casual affair where you just join in whenever you feel like a sing. Your voice doesn’t need to be that of a Three Tenor or a Welsh miner but it must exude a passion for singing. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” was my final number before I entered the main hall and the colourful display of craftwork by local artists.

Masonic Temple - The Market

The Market: Masonic Temple, Hobart

The Market: Meeting The Makers

For most men there wouldn’t be much of interest but I was on a mission and enjoyed meeting the crafters. I won’t attempt to describe the finery. I’ll leave that to the ladies. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a concrete mixer for the wife’s birthday present but I knew she would be pleased with my choice of earrings!

Masonic Temple - Exquisite Style

Exquisite Style at The Market, Hobart

Masonic Temple - Curmilla Designs & Illustrations

Curmilla Designs & Illustrations

Masonic Temple - The Market Craft

The Market in Hobart

Masonic Temple - Grandeliers

Who did That ~ Grandeliers

Have a look at the excellent website of The Market and browse the magnificent, professional catalogue. Be sure to attend the next market on Sunday, September 23 at the Masonic Temple, 3 Sandy Bay Road. It goes from 10:00am until 3:00pm. Good quality coffee and food is available throughout. Enjoy the company of others; buy your Christmas gifts and go home knowing that you’ve got a bargain.

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Map: Masonic Temple, Hobart Tasmania

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