Winter has arrived in Tasmania with a bang. Your social media feeds will today be filled with pictures depicting snow and cold weather. And it’s all beautiful. But we thought we’d give you some idea of the variances in temperature you can expect in Tassie, by revealing a collection of images. These photos were all taken in Hobart during the month of May.

May - Hobart Snow

May 13: snow in Hobart

Shades of May: Weather in Tasmania

We did mention the wide ranges in temperature in Tasmania in a recent article showcasing Tarraleah in the Central Highlands region. Today’s photos from southern Tasmania were all taken in the space of one month (May 2015) and further highlight the need for tourists to expect the unexpected when packing to visit our shores.

You can also find details about Tasmania’s weather in a series of articles we published written (and photographed) by Carol Haberle, detailing the individual seasons.

May - Mt Wellington Clouds

Dramatic clouds over Mt Wellington, Hobart

Not only are these photos all from southern Tasmania, more specifically they’re all from Tranmere and Howrah. That’s close to our home NOW, but we’ll be moving soon. Really soon! By the end of June, we’ll have a whole new perspective to share with readers.

May - Howrah Beach

Howrah Beach: Hobart Tasmania

Howrah and Tranmere, Hobart: May 2015

We hope you’ve enjoyed the views from our little part of the eastern shore of Hobart over the last four years. We certainly have. If you follow us via social media, you might be sick and tired of the same-old shots! We’ve never grown tired of the vista though, and we’ll miss it a greal deal. No doubt we’ll visit our usual haunts again, just for the memories.

May - Mt Wellington Sunset

Gorgeous sunset over Mt Wellington

May - Kayak River Derwent

Sunny weather: kayak Derwent River

May - Hobart Rainbow

Rainbow. And rain.

May - Hobart Fog

Bridgewater Jerry, Hobart

May - Hobart Sunset

Hobart Tasmania: vibrant sunset

Map: Hobart Tasmania…

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