Merry Christmas. Just sending this simple message to everyone… may the festive season bring you joy and happiness. Keep yourselves and your family safe over the holiday season. And take some time to relax.

Merry Christmas - from Think Tasmania

Merry Christmas from Think Tasmania

Ho Ho Ho and a Very Merry Christmas!

As well as wishing you a Merry Christmas, I’d also like to shout out some thanks.

Readers & Subscribers – Thanks to everyone who reads the articles we publish. Without you, the whole exercise would be slightly pointless.

Online Visitors – Every time we receive a comment, we take notice. If it’s praise and encouragement, it fires our enthusiasm. If it’s constructive criticism, we take it on board to improve our delivery. And if it’s mindless rubbish… we get to practice our diplomacy and reasoning skills.

Contributors – To all the guest authors that have taken the time and effort to submit an article or a photo, thank you. Your input makes Think Tasmania so diverse and interesting. We’re flattered you would share your stories with us.

Facebook Fans – We relish the interaction with our social media friends. It’s a real buzz to see our material shared and talked about in the Facebook world.

The Think Tasmania Team – What can I say? Thanks just doesn’t seem enough. Before you joined me, Think Tasmania was a lonely place. With your input, and incredible talent, this project has really blossomed.

Our Hosts – So many fabulous people have invited Think Tasmania to visit, giving us priceless information to share with the world. Readers love the first-hand accounts we deliver, and we love to deliver them.

The State of Tasmania – We give thanks every day to be able to live in such a unique and diverse place. The Tasmanian people are friendly; the Tasmanian food is magnificent and the Tasmanian environment is inspiring. We could live here until the end of time, and never run short of things to write about.

Thanks To So Many Other Supporters

Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, the Tasmanian tourism industry and complete, random strangers… thanks for taking an interest in Think Tasmania. Thanks too for appreciating that our unique system of networking (even though it’s complicated and hard to comprehend) actually works and achieves results! And to anyone who honestly believed we could create a special website… thanks to you too! Without all the amazing support, we might have fizzled out by now. But instead, we’re loving this crazy ride and looking forward to an even brighter future.

Enjoy the Holidays

While most people enjoy some time away from their job over the Christmas season, we’ll be hard at work here at Think Tasmania. But please, don’t feel sorry for us! Tasmania really hits the ground running at this time of year. The team will endeavour to bring you up to date about…

Of course if you have a special request, by all means contact Think Tasmania. We’ll be standing by!