We quite like eating out in Tassie. When our kids were very young, we would choose restaurants with their preferences firmly in mind. Now, it’s open slather. And there’s so many dining options in Hobart (let alone the far-reaching regions of Tasmania) we could eat at a different place every time. However, sometimes we revisit old favourites, to make sure they’re still as good as we’ve reported via Think Tasmania. And that’s the case with Mezethes Greek Taverna.

Mezethes - Greek Taverna, Salamanca

Mezethes Greek Taverna (Salamanca Square) Hobart

Greek Restaurant in Hobart: Mezethes

We wrote about Mezethes Greek Taverna way back in 2010, when our business was just a mere baby. All that we wrote then still stands true, so feel free to take a walk back in time to that article. Guest author Lori Mancell has mentioned this Greek restaurant in her epic Tasmanian holiday itineraries, twice even! She obviously enjoys the cuisine and the location in Salamanca Square.

We perhaps weren’t confident with food photography in the beginning; or maybe our photos just weren’t up to scratch that particular day. This time around we captured the culinary moment with our iPhones to prove we were actually there in person! I was determined to try a dessert, aware of the filo pastry, nut and honey delights on the menu. So I skipped entree and went straight for one of the many lamb options. It is a Greek restaurant, after all. My best-laid plans went west though, given the servings were quite large. No room in the tummy for sweeties!

Mezethes - Lamb

Lamb kebabs, crunchy potatoes, Greek salad

Gavin loves seafood and planned to have the chargrilled octopus before we even left the house. He’s had it before and found it very appealing, to say the least. He also chose to sample the sardines for entrée. It’s certainly not a mainstream choice of dish, but he enjoyed it all the same. I always hope he chooses something I’d like to try… but sardines do NOT even come close to that category!

Mezethes - Octopus

Chargrilled octopus: Mezethes Greek Taverna

Eating Out in Tassie

As luck would have it, potential diners can peruse way-better photos (than ours!) of food from Mezethes Greek Taverna online. We often admire the photography of Roger Wong for example, via a Facebook group called Eating Out in Tassie. Reviews are contributed by local diners and often accompanied by photos of dinner plates, usually with meals intact! Many of the posts are helpful and inspiring. Overall, it’s a wonderful online forum for foodies to mingle – although there’s the occasional stoush thanks to differences of opinion.

Mezethes - Sardines


What do you think they’d all say about Gavin’s sardines? Just like oysters, you either love them or hate them! Let us know in the comments below which camp you’re in… sardine eater or definitely not.

To find Mezethes Greek Taverna, enter Woobys Lane from Salamanca Place and walk towards the chess-playing area in Salamanca Square. From any of the other entrance laneways, head past the fountain and look for a sandstone building with white umbrellas outside. Check out the substantial menu online, or visit Mezethes Greek Taverna via Facebook.

Mezethes - Greek Taverna, Salamanca Square, Hobart Tasmania

Mezethes: Salamanca Square, Hobart

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