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You’ll never believe how we met Michelle. On a mission to write about Ulverstone and Gunns Plains, we were travelling from our accommodation at Ulverstone River Retreat to Wings Wildlife Park. We stopped at one stage to take a photo of the gorgeous country-side, and Michelle happened to notice our car. Being the friendly soul she is, she came over for a chat. She was familiar with our Facebook page and was quick enough to connect the sign-writing on the car with the website.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler - Gunns Plains Contributor

Michelle Kneipp Pegler: dream life in Tasmania

Anyway, the short version. We struck up a conversation, and realised Michelle was a great advocate for Tasmania. Meeting locals in their own environment is another one of those holiday experiences that visitors love about the Apple Isle. As do local people like us! When we realised Michelle was also a writer, we just had to offer her a place on the team. And thankfully, she has accepted. Now we can all look forward to reading her articles, while we honour our commitment to include stories from the whole state.

So would you like to know a little history about Michelle Kneipp Pegler?  Her first assignment was to write about herself.

Who is Michelle Kneipp Pegler?

I was born and bred in Brisbane Queensland. I fell in love with Tasmania in the late 1970s when I was lucky enough to spend twelve months living in beautiful Stanley while Dad had a stint working in Smithton. I was instantly attracted to the Tasmanian climate and beautiful scenery, which was so different to Queensland. After a year we headed back to Queensland and I worked in an office for a while before I married John, who was from a sheep and cattle property in the Quilpie area of far western Queensland.

John and I lived in outback Queensland running our own sheep property for a number of years before selling and moving into our local town to start an engineering business. Our business was very busy and time consuming and we lived in Quilpie for six years. When our children were nearing high school age and as there weren’t any high schools in the region, we decided to move to Toowoomba.

So began our life in Toowoomba where John had a government job and I worked as a teacher aide in schools. We spent seven happy years in the Garden City of Toowoomba. When the girls had finished their schooling we thought it was time to move on again. This time we moved to north Queensland and to the city of Townsville. John got a job with a marine construction company and I took it easy for a while. We lived in Townsville for four years and then thought we’d had enough of the heat and humidity and we needed a change.

While we were living there we took a couple of trips to Tassie and I showed John the beauty of our Island State. He appreciated this little piece of paradise as much as I did and we decided we would look around for a place to buy so we could live the dream. It took us a bit of time but we finally found the farm we wanted and we moved down to Tassie in September 2010.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler - Leven River Farm

Leven River Farm: Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Leven River Farm and Old Breeds

We have a wonderful life on our farm in beautiful Gunns Plains in the north west region of Tasmania. I wake up every morning and think: I’m not just on holidays: we actually live here! On our farm we have Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth pigs, two very old and rare breeds of pig.

Pilgrim geese, which are one of the oldest breeds of geese available and Light Sussex chooks another old poultry breed as well as Hereford cattle. As you can see we have a penchant for old breeds of animals and would like to see old breeds continue to exist and not die out like some sadly have.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler - Old Breeds of Pig

Michelle with old breeds on Leven River Farm

In my spare time I like to appreciate the delights throughout Tassie, do some gardening, play my clarinet, read and knit. The second Saturday of every month you’ll find me down at the Gunns Plains Hall having a great time with the Craft Group. I’m learning how to use a spinning wheel. Life here is never dull or boring. There’s too many things to see and do.

Michelle Kneipp Pegler writes a blog called Leven River Farm about the ups and downs of her Good Life and occasional forays delving into the lessons of the past.

Articles by Michelle Kneipp Pegler…

She is busy! But what a way to spend some time. If you would like Michelle (or anyone else on the team) to visit you, please contact Think Tasmania and make a request. We can’t make any promises, because as you can see there’s lots to cover. But we really do want to share the love around.

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