Tasmania: Queen of Events. So what’s the Middleton Country Fair then? We all know about the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. And Hobart’s waterfront will be buzzing with people for the end of year Taste Festival. But do you know about this gorgeous little event held each February in The Channel region south of the capital?

Middleton Country Fair - Auch

Auch: D’entrecasteaux Channel near Middleton

Middleton Country Fair

A 45 minute drive from Hobart, boasting views of the picturesque D’entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island, will lead you to Middleton. Country Fair Scarecrow Competition entrants are another feature of the trip. Dressed in all manner of amusing and elaborate costumes, the scarecrows make for an entertaining journey. And you might be lucky enough to see some of the Sydney to Hobart boats sailing in The Channel.

Entertainment and Activities in Tasmania

No one can complain about variety. Get a load of this running sheet.

  • Marionette Theatre puppets impersonating Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson
  • Local swamp blues/rock duo The Middletones
  • Ethiopian dancers in traditional costume
  • A gentleman playing – wait for it – the washboard.  In white gloves!!

Middleton Country Fair Animals

Always a favourite with the kids, the farmyard at the Middleton Country Fair certainly won’t disappoint. I’m a country girl myself, but I was still enthralled with the sheep dogs and chickens. Wasn’t such a big wrap for the reptiles, especially the snakes! But judging by the big crowd, plenty thought they were pretty impressive.

Market Stalls

With over 80 stalls and trade displays, promotion of local business is clearly on the agenda of the Middleton Country Fair organisers. Crafts and food and plants – all the usual market suspects. I loved the golliwogs (is that even a politically correct term these days?) and the Butterflies of Glaziers Bay.

Motor Vehicles

Vintage cars, rally cars, fire trucks and tractors. All a kid’s dream come true really. Interspersed with pony rides, lucky dips and fishing games – what more could you want for a day of family activities in Tasmania?

Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables

Showing off the green thumbs of The Channel, the display of fresh produce in the hall is magnificent. Looks very colourful; some of it good enough to eat!

Even the Premier of Tasmania

Making an appearance at the 2010 event (well, it was an election year!) Premier Bartlett and his family enjoyed some of the attractions with the general public. I’m sure the committee of volunteers appreciate any support, and funds raised are used to improve facilities in the area for locals and tourists.

There’s a modest entry fee for the Middleton Country Fair and lucky gate prizes are drawn throughout the day. The event is held annually on the first Saturday in February. Contact Gloria Lonergan (03) 6292 1606 for more details.

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