by Roger Findlay

The Mole Creek Caves can be accessed in less than forty minutes on good roads from Deloraine or Sheffield. It is wise to make this a full day out as there is so much to see and do along the way. We chose a short walk to view the Alum Cliffs but those with families may opt for the Trowunna Wildlife Park. There are also two honey shops in the region: R. Stephens Apiary at Mole Creek and The Honey Farm at Chudleigh.

Mole Creek Caves - Alum Cliffs

Alum Cliffs via a short walk: Mole Creek Caves

If you are purchasing tickets to enter the caves, a National Parks pass is not required. The Mole Creek Karst National Park has 300 known caves and sinkholes but only two of these are open to the public.

King Solomons Cave

We visited the King Solomons Cave first and arrived just in time for the guided tour that is suited to all ages and fitness levels. This cave is a fairly dry cave and the guide did an excellent job explaining the various formations of limestone that started to evolve some 400 million years ago.

Mole Creek Caves - King Solomon Cave, Tasmania

Guided tour: King Solomons, Mole Creek Caves

Marakoopa Cave

After a short drive, we arrived at the Marakoopa Cave but missed the tour. This worked well as there was a wonderful short walk alongside a river in rainforest conditions.

Mole Creek Caves - Marakoopa Cave

Mole Creek Caves: Marakoopa Cave

At present, there are two guided tours at the Marakoopa Cave. One is suited to all ages and fitness levels while the other requires a medium level of fitness. Marakoopa Cave is a wet cave with underground rivers and a damp atmosphere. It is the home for the Tasmanian Cave Spider and Mountain Shrimp as well as having the largest public display of Glow-Worms in Australia.

Our verdict of the Mole Creek Caves? King Solomons: fantastic. Marakoopa… even better! Cameras are allowed in both caves but flash is not allowed in the glow-worm chamber.

Mole Creek Caves Entry fees: Adult – $19/cave; Family (2 +3) – $47.50/cave

Mole Creek Caves: Stay, Eat & Drink

Caving is thirsty work and also makes you hungry! The Tassie Tiger Bar in the Mole Creek Hotel offers excellent food and drink at the right price. And for those wishing to stay in the area, the accommodation is more than adequate.

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