The first tasting on our Tamar Valley Wine Route tour was at Moores Hill Estate. It was an outstanding place to begin.

Moores Hill Estate - Tasmania

Wine tasting in Tasmania

Wine Tasting: Moores Hill Estate

Tasmania has a cellar door on every corner, and some are pretty special. Moores Hill Estate offers visitors unique charm, and character to match the delicious wines.

Moores Hill Estate - Wine Tasting

Wine tasting: beautiful cellar door

We bought wines by the glass and drank in vineyard views from the balcony, with Tasmanian cheese and charcuterie platters. Moores Hill Estate suits our touring time frame, serving food and drinks until late afternoon.

Moores Hill Estate - Platter

Tasmanian cheese and charcuterie platters

We were so enamoured with the experience, we dallied for hot chocolate when we could’ve hit the next Tamar Valley cellar door. Yet another good decision, because… Cocobean! Where have you been all my life? We left the premises with a generous supply for our own wine collection and a take-away hot chocolate stick.

Moores Hill Estate - Cocobean Chocolate

Cocobean: hot chocolate

Tasmanian Cellar Door Dogs… and Chickens!

One of my all-time favourite things about visiting a cellar door? Meeting the resident dog. Moores Hill Estate has a magnificent creature on hand to welcome guests. Otto loved having his ears rubbed, and we were happy to oblige.

Moores Hill Estate - Cellar Door Dog

Cellar door dog: Moores Hill Estate

There was also a cellar door hen! It was the bravest chook I’ve ever seen, gleefully grabbing nibbles from our outstretched hands. I don’t think this chicken was destined for the dinner table!

Moores Hill Estate - Cellar Door

Cellar door… chicken!

Tamar Valley Tasmania

You’ll see photos from our Tamar Valley adventure gracing our social media pages in the future. It’s been far too long between northern Tasmania jaunts, and we must correct that oversight from now on.

Moores Hill Estate - Tamar Valley

Tamar Valley: Moores Hill Estate

Moores Hill Estate is located at 3343 West Tamar Highway, Sidmouth (about 15kms north of Brady’s Lookout). Phone (03) 6394 7649 for details or follow Moores Hill Estate on Facebook.

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