We’re learning. Give the readers what they want, not what we think they should have. You’ve told us you want more rainbows to brighten your lives, so here they are. Again!

More Rainbows - Blackmans Bay

Blackmans Bay (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Just a Few More Rainbows

Angela Roundhill was the first to respond following our last episode in this series, proving even more rainbows were in order. How could we NOT share her gorgeous image, captured in Queenstown?

Angela’s image was certainly cause for a little extra excitement in the camp. Think Tasmania will be making another long-awaited visit to the west coast region relatively soon… or at least when Gavin is back in action. Joy Chappell has invited us to stay at Mt Lyell Anchorage, the finest bed & breakfast property in Queenstown, so we can experience the town’s attractions. At Joy’s recommendation, we’ll be meeting with Anthony Coulson from Queenstown Heritage Tours and exploring other highlights too. Cannot. Wait. Get that recovery happening, Gavin!

More Rainbows - Queenstown

Queenstown: west coast Tasmania (photo by Angela Roundhill)

Without even leaving home, Anelda Lotter was able to capture a couple of rainbows in the one picture. Taken from her home in Blackmans Bay (a southern suburb of Hobart), we’re totally envious of the view over the Derwent River, with or without the rainbows!

More Rainbows - Blackmans Bay, Tasmania

Blackmans Bay (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Think Tasmania Stalwarts: More Rainbows

We’re starting to think Michelle Kneipp Pegler is an expert in the rainbow department. We know she’s very handy with a camera, judging by the wonderful images she shares via the Facebook page for her tour business. Follow Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours to see Michelle’s local Gunns Plains surroundings, as well as greater Tasmania.

More Rainbows - Gunns Plains

More rainbows (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again. A heart-felt thanks to all our members and readers who continually add to Think Tasmania’s community. We’ve shared plenty of photos (of rainbows and all manner of other subjects) via this website and all our associated social media channels, and the response has always been amazing.

Articles like these allow us to showcase much more of Tasmania than would otherwise be possible. Take the duo of photos shared below, taken by professional tourism photographer, Dan Fellow. Accompanied by a little relevant information and stored online permanently for future reference, between us we’re able to inspire readers to visit magical places like Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland.

More Rainbows - Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain (photo by Dan Fellow)

Welcome to Think Tasmania

If you’re new to Think Tasmania, firstly… welcome! Thanks for your company. And secondly, this is the fourth edition in the rainbow series of articles. If you’re fond of the subject but you missed the earlier editions, you can see more rainbows here…

More Photos - Mount Roland

Mount Roland (photo by Dan Fellow)

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