We spent a couple of hours on Saturday morning in Hobart. The weather was so perfect we would’ve been happy just to sit and watch the world go by; counting our blessings about all that’s good about Tasmania. However, we had very special guests with us. In town from South Australia (and also loving the Tasmanian weather!) our friends had only the weekend remaining from a week-long island-wide holiday to explore, so we had to make the most of our time.

Morning in Hobart - Tall Ship

Magnificent weather: morning in Hobart

Salamanca Market: Saturday Morning in Hobart

Luckily for our visitors, they arrived in town on Friday evening. That opened up additional options when planning the schedule for our sports-loving couple. The Hobart Hurricanes were hosting the Sydney Thunder at Blundstone Arena, while the Hobart International also boasted finals matches at the Queens Domain tennis centre. What to do, what to do?

Our guests made the eventual decision themselves… they’d heard great things about Salamanca Market from other tourists. Their next visit to Tasmania may not include a Saturday morning in Hobart, they reasoned. It seemed logical then, to visit the iconic attraction on the waterfront. So we made our way to the Hobart wharf and set about filling our environmentally-friendly shopping bags.

Morning in Hobart - Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market: Saturday morning in Hobart

Hobart Docks

We started early. Well, we had great plans to start early anyway! In reality, we were a little sluggish to motor away from home, after a late night sampling Tasmanian beer, wine and cider. Accompanied by cheese platters and a chaser of local seafood, we didn’t quite get the best preparation for game-day. We still managed to find a convenient car-park next to Mures Seafood Restaurant, only a short walk from Salamanca Place.

Morning in Hobart - Mures Tasmania

Mures Tasmania: Victoria Dock, Hobart

We allowed time to admire the myriad of boats and yachts in dock on that particular morning in Hobart. We were surprised to see Wild Thing still in town, from the contingent of 100ft  yachts contesting the Sydney to Hobart. The New South Wales based super-maxi skippered by Grant Wharington finished the race for line honours in seventh position, in the wee-small hours of December 29.

Morning in Hobart - Wild Thing Yacht

100ft super-maxi yacht Wild Thing: Hobart

Morning in Hobart - Wild Thing

Wild Thing: Sydney to Hobart yacht race

Morning in Hobart - Luxury Boat

Elizabeth Street Pier: Saturday morning in Hobart

Secrets and Missions

Once we’d sourced our essential collection of summer hats, woollen socks and Tasmanian souvenirs from Salamanca Market, we grabbed take-away coffees from Daci and Daci Bakers in Murray Street. We may have also purchased chocolate-filled croissants and hazelnut cookies, but that’s our little secret.

Morning in Hobart - Daci and Daci Bakers

Daci and Daci Bakers: morning in Hobart

You may be wondering why we didn’t spend the entire day (as opposed to just the morning) in Hobart. After all, there’s Mount Wellington, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, MONA… we won’t write a long, boring list. No doubt we’ll talk more about other things to do in Hobart via separate Think Tasmania articles.

Here’s the reason we left so soon. We were on a mission of discovery, involving a novel called The Lightkeeper’s Wife. Can you guess where we went? Yes, it was a cheeky day trip to Bruny Island, but we’ll reveal all in the next two instalments detailing this Tassie adventure. Stand by!

Morning in Hobart - Bruny Island

Hobart to the Bruny Island Ferry: Kettering

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