Tasmania is a place with long historic ties, and there are some truly stunning sights here. Whether you want to stick to the main tourist attractions or get a little further off the beaten track, there is plenty to explore. Here are our top picks of the most extraordinary Tasmanian attractions.

Most Extraordinary Places to Visit in Tasmania

Most extraordinary places to visit in Tasmania

Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market is one of the most visited attractions in Tasmania, which is impressive considering that it is only held on Saturday mornings. You can find hotels in Hobart close to this market, so there’s no need to worry about how you will get all of your purchases back to your room. Over 300 stalls crowd in amongst the historic buildings of the square, covering all kinds of products that you can think of. It’s also close to historic buildings as well as the waterfront, so it’s a great place to start your experience of Hobart.

Salamanca Market: Hobart Tasmania

Saturday: Salamanca Market, Hobart Tasmania

Mount Wellington

Just 20 minutes from Hobart is Mount Wellington, also known as Kunanyi. As you drive towards the summit you will move through rainforests and glacial rocks, finding your reward at the top: views out over the city as well as Bruny Island, the Tasman Peninsula, and South Arm. There is a great viewing platform which allows you to see the World Heritage Wilderness Area around you. There are bushwalking trails to explore, and it’s all free to enter.

Mount Wellington - Hobart Tasmania

Fabulous views: Hobart from Mount Wellington

Port Arthur

Very much worthy of a day trip, Port Arthur is a convict site which has the most intact remains in Australia. Here you can see a prison which was open between 1830 and 1877, with more than 12,500 convicts serving out their sentences in the harshest of conditions. You can tour the grounds, go on a harbour cruise, go inside the museum, and even take a guided tour of the Port Arthur burial ground. If you’re made of strong stuff, consider booking a ghost tour too.

Port Arthur Convict Settlement - Tasmania

Port Arthur Convict Settlement (credit Tasmania Photos)

Cradle Mountain

Do you prefer hiking trails? Driving? Taking a mountain bike? How about a horseback ride? There’s something for any outdoor adventurer at Cradle Mountain, which is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. All around you will find the ancient rainforests and glacial lakes that typify this part of Australia. It’s a beautiful location and will absolutely take your breath away – definitely a must-see.

Cradle Mountain - Tasmania

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

There’s one thing here that you will not find anywhere else in the world: a sub-Antarctic plant house, the only one on the whole planet. You will see plants that only grow in sub-Antarctic islands here in specially controlled environments. This is also a historically significant site with plenty of buildings which date far back, and of course, it’s always lovely to walk around botanical gardens even without these added attractions.

Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens - Hobart Conservatory

Conservatory: Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens (credit Anelda Lotter)

Tasmania is certainly an extraordinary place, and there is so much to see and do here that it was difficult to narrow it down to these examples. It’s definitely the kind of place that you won’t regret choosing to visit.

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