Here’s the hot tip for today, from us to you. Get along to Moto Vecchia Cafe if you like great coffee… or fabulous food, friendly service and a really funky ambience.

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Hobart

Moto Vecchia Cafe, Bellerive Tasmania

Food with Fun: Moto Vecchia Cafe

As a bonus, we’ll give you another hot tip, totally free. If you’re asked if you’d like balsamic dressing with your salad, say yes. Emphatically.

It’s the best balsamic salad dressing we’ve ever tasted. Apparently, the recipe is a safely-guarded family secret. Like, an iron-clad secret not even shared with staff. We’re told that sometimes, very spasmodically, bottles of balsamic dressing are available for sale. Hopefully we’ll hear about that event; we’ll be first in line!

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Lasagna

Lasagna: salad with balsamic dressing

Also done well by Moto Vecchia cafe, is the all-important coffee. One cup is never enough. And we have been known to visit the Bellerive Community Farmers Market just to buy coffee from the same business, but via the cutest little caravan you’ll ever see. Of course, we always buy other stuff while we’re there. Last time we scored some salted caramel ice-cream from Black Mountain Larder. Oh yeah!

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Great Coffee

Coffee is good: Moto Vecchia Cafe

Coffee and Cake Anyone?

Luckily, seeing as one cup of coffee is never enough, Moto Vecchia Cafe has a well-stocked cake cabinet. Biscuits, slices, cheesecakes… everything tempting to accompany that second caffeine hit. We don’t know if ALL the slices and cakes are made in-house, but we don’t care because they taste damn good. What we’ve sampled from the main menu so far has been stellar. Simple Italian fare, done very nicely. Delicious panini!

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Vanilla Slice

Vanilla slice

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Photos

Check out the collection of photos

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Tasmania

Take your time: enjoy food and coffee

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Lounge

Meet with friends: Moto Vecchia Cafe

We did decide we should try the Italian desserts on the menu another time, like Grispelli (doughnut) and Crostolli (fried pastry). There’s much to look at in the cafe between courses… are you noticing the motorbike theme? The service has always been lightning-fast during our visits though.

Moto Vecchia Cafe would make a great meeting place or function venue. There’s a few couches in separate sections, plus an outdoor-eating courtyard.

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Courtyard

Courtyard: great for kids on sunny days

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Memorabilia

Interesting: Moto Vecchia

All Roads Lead To…

You’ll find Moto Vecchia Cafe on Hobart’s Eastern Shore, at 35 Gordons Hill Road (behind Eastlands shopping centre, near Bunnings). There’s some conjecture about the actual suburb. On Facebook, the address is listed as Bellerive but we’d probably call that location Rosny Park. Lindisfarne also claims the road as their own. You can decide, it’s all good. We’ll share a photo of the outside of the building, so you know what to look for. And think of us when you order your coffee!

Moto Vecchia Cafe - Gordons Hill Road

35 Gordons Hill Road: Bellerive or Rosny Park

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