Where is the best place to picnic in Tasmania? Mount Field National Park would certainly make our list of favourites.

Picnic in Tasmania: Mount Field National Park

We worked up a little appetite by taking a stroll from the Mount Field National Park Visitor Centre car park to Russell Falls. It was a very easy walk via a flat path.

Of course, we were keen to work up a bigger appetite, so we continued to the top of Russell Falls. That initially involved negotiating some large, rocky steps during an uphill climb.

Mount Field National Park - Waterfalls

Waterfalls: Mount Field National Park

Then we ramped up the exercise level even further. Stairs were involved. Quite a lot of stairs, actually… there was to be no escaping them.

Mount Field National Park - Derwent Valley

Waterfall walks: Mount Field National Park

Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Personally, we thought the views at Horseshoe Falls were worth the extra bit of effort involved.

Mount Field National Park - Horseshoe Falls

Mount Field National Park: Horseshoe Falls

We even managed to follow the trail to the Tall Trees Walk. That part wasn’t very taxing at all, to be honest. We turned off the path leading to Horseshoe Falls, so once we’d climbed the stairs we’d already done the hard yards anyway.

Mount Field National Park - Tall Trees

Tall Trees Walk: Mount Field National Park

After our gentle bush-walking adventure, we unpacked our fully-stacked basket at a picnic table by the river. It was incredibly tranquil; we could’ve been miles from civilisation.

Mount Field National Park - Tasmania

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

Honey and Vinegar: Westerway Raspberry Farm

We couldn’t resist hunting and gathering some National Park Bush Honey as we left Mount Field. After much deliberation, we bought the summer batch. It has proved to be truly delicious.

Mount Field National Park - Bush Honey

National Park Bush Honey

While we were in a fossicking mood, we also paid a visit to Westerway Raspberry Farm. We skipped the Valhalla ice-cream this time, and collected a jar of raspberry vinegar instead. Sweet and sour. Talk about one extreme to the other!

Mount Field National Park - Westerway Raspberry Farm

Westerway Raspberry Farm

Please let us know your ideal place to picnic in Tasmania. We’re all about the Sunday drive at the moment… bonus points for farm gate foraging.

Mount Field National Park is in the Derwent Valley region, about one hour’s drive from Hobart via New Norfolk. Contact Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service for more information.

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