Mount Wellington, Tasmania and sightseeing all go hand in hand. If you only schedule one day in Hobart (that would be crazy) what would be the premier attraction? Travel to Hobart and you’d have to go to The Mountain.

Mount Wellington: views over Hobart Tasmania

Fabulous views: Hobart from Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington: Tourism Tasmania Favourite

Mount Wellington is Hobart’s dominant natural feature and scenic backdrop for the entire city. It’s a great place for interstate visitors to venture, and the locals love to show it off. This is no once-off attraction: it’s free to visit, offers a myriad of experiences (subject to weather conditions) and the mountain road literally starts right from the edge of the town.

Sightseeing: Mount Wellington Style

On a clear day in Tasmania, the mountain lookout is the place to be. With the perfect vantage point for photography, Mount Wellington provides a visual appreciation of the geographical layout of Hobart city, the Derwent River and waterfront. That’s tourism gold in Tasmania. Visitors to the site enjoy elaborate viewing platforms, walkways and an outstanding indoor stage offering respite from wild weather.

Mount Wellington rainbow, Hobart Tasmania

Rainbow: Mount Wellington, Hobart Tasmania

Snow on Mount Wellington

If you’re lucky to strike a snow fall when you travel to Hobart, Mount Wellington offers an elevated place to enjoy it. Unless the access road is closed, which can happen.

Mount Wellington: snow surrounds the Hobart lookout

Mount Wellington snow: Hobart lookout

Sightseeing and Tasmanian Holiday Photos

There is parking provided in some sections of the mountain road, where Hobart is conveniently laid out below for photographers. There’s only one way in and out, and the route can be precarious in difficult conditions. Care is needed on the approach and descent, so don’t be rushed for time.

Drive to Mount Wellington summit, Hobart Tasmania

Drive to Mount Wellington

Hiking and Riding Mount Wellington

For those wanting a more energetic experience, hiking is a feature in the area. Some crazy cyclists even tackle the massive challenge of the ride up and the lunacy of the ride down. A shimmy up The Pinnacle rocks would be a more reserved choice.

The Pinnacle, Mount Wellington (Hobart Tasmania)

The Pinnacle, Mount Wellington

If sightseeing is your priority in Hobart Tasmania, add Mount Wellington to the bucket list.

For more information, views details online: Mount Wellington.


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