We regularly post forum-style questions on our Facebook page to help Think Tasmania readers. Many of those questions involve the subject of moving to Tasmania, just like the one we’re sharing today, received from Michelle in regional Victoria.

Moving - Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington

Tasman Bridge, Hobart (photo by Dan Fellow)

Help Please: We’re Moving to Tasmania

We’ve published the message about moving to Tasmania as it arrived via Think Tasmania’s email from Michelle. The question is a little longer and more in-depth than our usual 6pm (forum o’clock) posts on Facebook, so we’re sharing here on the website.

Moving - Launceston Bridge

Launceston Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Everyone can participate in the north-south discussion by leaving their well-considered and helpful replies below. Michelle and her partner will be grateful for any suggestions or advice. And we thank you all in advance for your constructive contributions about either or both regions in Tasmania. No doubt there will be other readers also interested in the opinions shared here. To follow the conversation, leave a reply and tick the checkbox for email notification about future postings. That way, you won’t miss a thing!


My partner and I are planning on moving to Tasmania (from regional Victoria). We have two children 3.5 and 1, and are looking for a family friendly environment to raise our family.

We originally thought Launceston. We have visited a couple of times, and really like the town. However, my partner could get a transfer with work to Hobart. So now, we’re not sure.

We have a love for old houses together with antiques and vintage wares, so will be looking for a nice old house where ever we go. And of course we want access to good schools for our kids.

My partner isn’t sure about Hobart as he doesn’t like cities, although I’m sure Hobart is more like a large regional city, then a metropolitan city with urban sprawl like Melbourne! And I hear its a very short drive from some of the surrounding areas into town.

Are there any small towns, maybe with lots of historic houses or tourism around Launceston and/or Hobart that I should have a look at?

Any advice or suggestions would be most helpful!

Cheers, Michelle

Moving - Launceston Tasmania

Launceston, northern Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Moving - Hobart Tasmania

Hobart, southern Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

24 June 2014 – See also, another article discussing an imminent move to Tasmania, to live in either Launceston or Hobart. It seems this topic is a very popular one!

Article photography by Dan Fellow of Tasmania Photos.

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