We might head to Mulan Restaurant for dinner.

  • The power’s been out.
  • Woolworths has spectacularly failed to deliver our online order for the second consecutive day.
  • I’ve been a bit sick (hence the “emergency” food order from the supermarket).

Anyway, that’s enough excuses. We’re going out for dinner tonight. Yes!

Mulan Restaurant - Chinese, North Hobart

North Hobart Chinese: Mulan Restaurant

Chinese in North Hobart: Mulan Restaurant

We know the food will be good because we’ve dined at Mulan Restaurant before. The meals and remaining menu were such that we’re inspired to go back and try more dishes.

We’ve already tried a hot-and-spicy tom yum seafood soup with squid, shrimp, mussels, tofu and black fungus. Incredibly good value, and something sure to cure any lingering lurgy. We did take a photo of the soup too, but the photo was so bad… we won’t share that one. Sorry!

Then there’s the pan fried lamb dumplings, served with black vinegar. I’m still unsure about the dipping accompaniment. It’s something I’d never tried before, but I wouldn’t be completely averse to another test-tasting. The lamb dumplings were the absolute bomb, so vinegar or not… totally worth a repeat.

Mulan Restaurant - Pan Fried Dumplings

Pan-friend lamb dumplings with black vinegar

Hello Heaven Facing Chilli

Chicken with cashews and leek came with Heaven facing chilli and Sichuan peppercorns. I did wonder if the chilli was going to blow my head off, given it was Heaven-facing and all. But I was assured by our lovely waitress that I could survive, and I did. The dish was amazingly delicious.

Mulan Restaurant - Chicken with Cashews

Chicken with cashews and Heaven-facing chilli

Finally, we can vouch for the pork belly with green beans and Szechuan Heaven facing chilli. Gavin loves a bit of pork belly, and this one didn’t disappoint. He likes a lot more spice than I do, so the chilli could’ve been facing any direction and he would not have cared a bit.

Mulan Restaurant - Pork Belly

Chinese: spiced pork belly with green beans

Real Chinese

There’s always lots of chatter in foodie groups about the authenticity of food from restaurants claiming a specific nation of origin. Is it REAL Chinese food? Is it adapted for Western palates? We don’t care. We like food that tastes good, and Mulan Restaurant ticks that box for us. But by all means, let us know what you think by leaving a reply below. Cheers!

Find Mulan Restaurant at 343 Elizabeth Street in North Hobart between Sweet Envy and Fish 349. Phone (03) 6231 3609 for details or follow Mulan Restaurant on Facebook.

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