They say that any full-blooded Tasmanian will tell you that Mures is synonymous with quality Tasmanian seafood. As you know, we here at Think Tasmania will only write and recommend something to you if we have experienced this ourselves. In doing so, Tania decided to send in a fresh breath of air to discover what Mures has to offer. As you know, I’ve only been living in Tassie for a year now, and coming from the seafood capital of South Africa, I also wanted to see for myself what the deal about the seafood at Mures was all about.

Mures - Hobart Tasmania

Mures: Victoria Dock, Hobart waterfront (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Mures: More Than Fish and Chips

by Anelda Lötter

The story of Mures goes back in history to the original Mures Fish House that opened in 1973 in Battery Point. The owners at that time, the late George Mure and his wife Jill, felt restricted by the lack of quality Tasmanian seafood, so they went fishing, so to speak! George started a fishing business, something he enjoyed from a young age, and could now guarantee their restaurant’s fresh fish supply. George was always very conscious about the environment and placed a high value on sustainable fishing methods, long before these became well-known terms in the fishing industry.

Today Mures is well-known for their sustainable fishing practices, ensuring that our children and future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality fish as we do.

Mures as We Know It Today

Today we know Mures as the iconic building at Victoria Dock (an old apple shed in earlier years), an ever evolving business since it relocated in 1986. The building, located at the Hobart waterfront, is home to Mures Upper Deck; Mures Lower Deck; an ice cream, cake, coffee and breakfast parlour known as The Deep; and Orizuru Sushi Bar. Mures is still a Tassie family business, with the children of the late George and Jill now in charge.

Mures - Seafood Restaurant

Mures Lower Deck (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Mures Lower Deck, Hobart

Knowing Think Tasmania readers will appreciate the juicy details of great seafood, I decided to find out more about Mures Lower Deck. Located on the bottom floor of the Mures building you will find a family bistro that caters for all seafood needs.

The bistro is certainly very family friendly and kids are more than welcome. I’m told that locals love to eat here as they have memories of eating here when they were kids and now they come back to introduce their kids to the Mures tradition of quality, fresh Tasmanian seafood.

Mures - Fresh Tasmanian Seafood

Fresh Tasmanian seafood: Mures (photo by Anelda Lötter)

What sets Mures apart from any other seafood restaurant is certainly the location. Where else can you sit and eat while looking at the boats and fishermen that caught your fish? Victoria Dock is a working dock, and that adds the bonus of seeing boat trailers and fisherman doing their job a few feet away from the restaurant. On a beautiful day you can see cruise liners enter the harbour, feeling part of the centre of the tourist mecca of Hobart.

Mures - Victoria Dock

Hobart: Victoria Dock (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Although Mures serves a lot of tourists, it is the locals who support them equally well by bringing visiting friends and family. Christmas is their busiest week, during a very busy summer season. I am told that customers come back to Mures because of the wide variety of seafood, the excellent quality of the food as well as the friendly service. For many people, Mures is more of a destination than a restaurant, a place to enjoy the harbour views and atmosphere in the company of great food.

What to Eat and Drink

I’m told that the Blue Eye Trevalla is a customer favourite and what Mures is most famous for. Tom gave our readers two tips when ordering or buying seafood:

  • Buy local Tasmanian seafood that is in season;
  • Always try different varieties. That way it is less boring and good for the environment.
Mures - Tasmanian Wine

Wine: blended for Mures (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Mures Lower Deck will also not leave your mouth dry. They stock a variety of wine that is local in origin and specially blended and labelled for Mures to match their seafood. I am told that the sparkling cuvee goes very well with oysters. A very new addition is a cider that is also blended and labelled for Mures exclusively. Named Dock Cider and made from Tassie apples, it goes to the roots of the building, being an old apple shed and goes very well with any seafood dish. I tried this cider and it was refreshing and a good companion for my seafood basket.

Mures - Tasmanian Cider

Dock Cider for Tasmanian seafood (photo by Anelda Lötter)

I sampled the Fisherman’s Basket which on that day consisted of calamari, prawns, chips, blue eye trevalla and scallops. Accompanied by the Dock Cider it was a feast to write about!

The menu offers a variety of Tasmanian seafood: fried, grilled, from the wok or on a platter. It also has a selection for kids as well as side dishes to choose from. This is a great family bistro that will not leave a hole in your wallet, but will definitely please your seafood appetite.

Mures - Tasmanian Seafood Basket

Tasmanian Seafood Basket (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Tasmanian Seafood Restaurant, Deli and Fishmonger

Mures Lower Deck is not only a seafood restaurant, but also a deli and fishmonger. From the delicatessen you can buy a wonderful range of gourmet products and fresh seafood supplies. The huge variety impressed me. Those who follow the 2013 season of the cooking show My Kitchen Rules, would remember that the father and son Tassie team used the Mures brand of smoked eel during their first cook-off.

Mures has a factory outlet in Cambridge and factory wholesale outlet in Glenorchy, while a lot of other independent grocers sell their gourmet seafood products. Mures also sells a lot of fish to other restaurants like Wrest Point and Fish Frenzy.

Mures - Gourmet Seafood Products

Gourmet Tasmanian seafood: Mures Deli (photo by Anelda Lötter)

Tasmanian Seafood: Mures Legacy

I was very impressed by the history and tradition behind Mures. The Mures story is one about love for the sea and its inhabitants. Isn’t it wonderful to live so close to a great restaurant where we can enjoy fresh seafood, knowing that this generation of owners lives by the tradition and beliefs of their parents, who now also aim to protect the sea life for future generations?

If you are a local or a visitor, be sure to visit Mures when you pass through Hobart. You will not be disappointed by what this seafood destination called Mures has to offer.

I can also tell our readers that I heard a rumour that Mures Upper Deck (the a la carte restaurant) will be refurbished and will soon have a new look and feel.

Editor’s Note: Anelda Lötter was a guest at Mures Lower Deck in Hobart on behalf of Think Tasmania. For more information about Tasmanian seafood, you can email Mures, visit the Mures website or phone 6273 4477. You can also follow Mures Tasmania on Facebook.

Anelda Lötter has her own photography business: Anelda Lötter Photography. She moved from her native South Africa to make her home in Hobart. Once a lawyer, Anelda is passionate about capturing special memories for people and promises good, friendly service. Follow Anelda Lötter Photography on Facebook or phone 0459 192 091 to find out more about her business.

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Map: Mures Seafood Restaurant, Hobart Tasmania

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