There’s only one thing wrong with this season’s series of My Kitchen Rules. There’s no team representing Tasmania! We really need that to happen next time around. Think of the exposure for this fabulous foodie state. Let’s all get together and help the TV show’s executives find the perfect candidates to win big and showcase Tassie at the same time.

My Kitchen Rules - Tasmania

Tasmania: My Kitchen Rules (poster supplied)

Tasmania: Apply Now for My Kitchen Rules

We should all want to get a team from Tasmania on Series 7. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’d realise it provides brilliant exposure when teams go shopping during the “instant restaurant” rounds. And for individuals, glory in the food industry could be just a casting call away.

Remember Tassie girls Thalia and Bianca from Series 5? They’re now selling their signature chicken liver pâté at Hobart’s weekly Farm Gate Market, with plans to expand nationally. We could soon be sharing stories about your success too, if you follow your own food dream.

As it happens. applications are now open for My Kitchen Rules. So who are the producers looking for? Could you be the right person to take out the extraordinary prize money and set yourself up in the food industry for life?

Open Auditions: My Kitchen Rules in Tasmania

If you have a love of food, a passion for entertaining and an appetite for adventure, you may well be the perfect candidate for My Kitchen Rules. Teams of two will be selected to take part in the next series. And here’s the really important information…

MKR will be holding open auditions Saturday 2 May 10am-12pm at Lenna of Hobart (Harriet Room) 20 Runnymede Street, Battery Point. Bring your teammate and be ready to impress.

My Kitchen Rules - Battery Point, Tasmania

Auditions: Battery Point, Hobart Tasmania

If you can’t make it to Hobart that day, go to the website for My Kitchen Rules and apply online now! We wish you all the very best of luck. Please keep us in the loop with all your endeavours by leaving a comment in the reply section below. Exciting!

And… please, please, please help find the perfect couple for Series 7 of My Kitchen Rules. Share this information with all your friends, family and colleagues. One of them might be the winner! Imagine the dinner party stories you could tell.

This article was sponsored by My Kitchen Rules.

Map: Lenna of Hobart, Tasmania…

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