Back in October 2012, we met Christine Bowden at the Huon Valley Business Expo. She was a stall-holder promoting her local product: pies and preserves home-made from home-grown apples, cherries and berries. We taste-tested samples (of course!) as Christine detailed her future plans. We promised to follow her progress; and we were delighted to accept an invitation to the official opening of My Slice of Pie Cafe.

My Slice of Pie - Homegrown Handmade Cafe

My Slice of Pie Cafe, Tasmania

My Slice of Pie: Piece of the Action

Christine Bowden is clearly an exemplary cook. The spread she supplied for guests at the recent opening of My Slice of Pie Cafe was amazing; and definitely enough to entice Think Tasmania back for another visit very soon. Don’t worry, we’ll share that experience with you too!

My Slice of Pie - Cooking by Christine Bowden!

Christine Bowden opens My Slice of Pie Cafe

The superb food was well-matched by the location. Set in the heart of the family’s apple and cherry orchard, My Slice of Pie Cafe has wonderful views of the Sleeping Beauty mountain ranges in the Huon Trail region south of Hobart. There’s room for children to play between the verandah and the orchards; and you are assured a relaxed ambiance.

If you have any doubt about the source of the apples in your dessert or fresh juice, you need only look out the picture windows for reassurance.

My Slice of Pie - Apple Orchards

Apple orchards: Huon Valley

On the Huon Trail: Mountain River

As regular readers would know, Think Tasmania has always embraced the opportunity to explore regional treasures off the main road. Driving 30kms south from Hobart on the Huon Highway, visitors will arrive at a sign-posted turn-off to Dip Road, Mountain River. They will be faced with a 2km stretch of unsealed road before reaching My Slice of Pie Cafe, but the diversion from the highway is well worth the effort.

My Slice of Pie - Dip Road, Mountain River

Dip Road, Mountain River: Huon Valley

Christine Bowden: Popular Local; Accomplished Cook

Christine Bowden waited many years to open her new cafe. Apparently she and husband Rodney endured several set-backs during the long process; but her only regret was that her elderly father passed away before seeing her dream come to fruition. A great supporter of her vision and always on hand to offer help with a cherry-pipper, Christine’s father would be so proud of what she’s managed to create.

A softly spoken woman, Christine seemed less-than-comfortable as the centre of attention. She was quick to hand the official proceedings over to the Hon. Paul Harriss MLC, who referred to the history of the Bowden family in the region and their entrepreneurial endeavours. The room was filled with relatives, friends, local business owners and other supporters including Robert Armstrong, the Huon Valley Council Mayor.

Apparently in the few weeks since the doors have opened to the public, Christine Bowden has enticed many customers to return to her cafe… and more than once!

My Slice of Pie - Cafe in the Apple Orchards

My Slice of Pie Cafe: Huon Valley

The cafe is currently open seven days from 10:00am to 4:30pm. My Slice of Pie will offer a limited menu of daily specials for another week or so; then customers will be be able to choose from a regular menu.

You can follow My Slice of Pie on Facebook for full details, or phone 0408 391 657 for bookings (or to order apple, cherry and berry desserts).

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Map: My Slice of Pie Cafe, Mountain River Tasmania…

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