The Nautical Matters Exhibition opens on February 9 until March 21 at Art at the Point Gallery, Dennes Point Bruny Island.

Nautical Matters - Secret Voyage

Secret Voyage by Margaret Vandenberg

Nautical Matters on Bruny Island

by Gabrielle Morgan

The artists of Art at The Point Gallery have been busy creating works with a “nautical matters” theme to coincide with the four day Wooden Boat Festival which starts on February 8. Among the mixed media artworks are oil paintings, assemblages and photographic studies.

Nautical Matters - Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats by Wendy How

A short vehicular ferry trip on The Mirambeena which departs from Kettering for North Bruny, can only be a fitting prelude to this nautical matters exhibition. Or for those lucky enough to own their own wooden boat, to sail across the water to Dennes Point jetty would be an ideal point of interest during the Wooden Boat Festival time.

Nautical Matters - Fleet

Fleet by Margaret Vandenberg

Jetty Cafe, Dennes Point: Art, Food and Relaxation

The lure of Ray Jones’ enticing menus and superb coffee at the adjoining Jetty Café is an added attraction not to be missed. The ambience of this very special restaurant invites one to relax and be totally amazed at the surrounding panorama of sea and hills.

Nautical Matters - Exhibition, Dennes Point, Bruny Island

Bare-backed 3 Fin by Marlene Schmidt

There are comfortable, deep leather couches, giant chess set and good cook books to read for those wanting to spend a leisurely day. The combination of art, food and relaxation in one spot overlooking a secluded swimming beach is unique and well worth a visit to Dennes Point, Bruny Island.

Nautical Matters - Tall Ships

Tall Ships by Michael Morgan

Michael and Gabrielle Morgan moved from Phillip Island in Victoria to live on Bruny Island last March. The semi-seclusion suits them both; Gabrielle likes to pursue her writing interests, while Michael paints. Gabrielle has been published in regional newspapers and magazines; since researching her family history she has published four genealogy articles. She was fascinated by links to Tasmania with some of her forbears. This has intensified her interest in Tasmania and she has been reading much of its history since arriving here.

All photos supplied to Think Tasmania by Gabrielle Morgan.

Map: Dennes Point, Bruny Island, Tasmania

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