A decent waterfall viewing is always a pleasure, and a trip to Nelson Falls on our Queenstown jaunt didn’t disappoint.

Nelson Falls - Waterfall

Nelson Falls: lovely, easy-to-access waterfall

Nelson Falls: West Coast Tasmania

There were several trails and walking opportunities en route from Hobart to the west coast, but we chose the track to Nelson Falls. It got the nod as a quick and easy addition to our travel agenda, because we’re lazy sometimes! It was also within striking distance of Queenstown, our day’s final destination and we were keen to arrive.

Joy Chappell, our host at Mt Lyell Anchorage Bed and Breakfast included Nelson Falls on her suggested itinerary, along with plenty of other attractions. We still have so much more to see and do on our next trip from Hobart to Queenstown.

Nelson Falls - Tasmania Parks & Wildlife

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife: Nelson Falls

The track was mostly level, with only a few steps to negotiate. It was definitely easier to accomplish this walk than some of Tasmania’s other waterfalls. Signage along the way provided interesting snippets, including information about ancient fern species in the rainforest.

Nelson Falls - Walking Track

Boardwalk to Nelson Falls

Delightful Waterfall

The waterfall was obviously the main attraction here. Following heavy rainfall, Nelson Falls would be even more spectacular, but we saw a sufficient flow of water. More than a trickle but less than a torrent.

Nelson Falls - River View

Views over the river

While the waterfall was very attractive, we also considered the walk through the rainforest a rewarding experience. The path – part gravel, part boardwalk – leading to Nelson Falls was edged by lovely natives including myrtle, leatherwood and sassafras.

We learnt a little about the geological history of Tasmania’s west coast, while marvelling at the river’s clear water running through the site. We could’ve easily dallied longer in the peaceful environment, if time had allowed.

Nelson Falls - River Water

Fish: crystal clear waters, Nelson River

Visitors can access Nelson Falls directly from the car park on Lyell Highway (A10) between Queenstown and Derwent Bridge, before reaching the Iron Blow Lookout (when travelling from Hobart to the west coast). A national park pass is required.

Nelson Falls - via Queenstown

Nelson Falls via Queenstown, Tasmania

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