Neville Hayes is a man of no fixed address; a man who calls home the place in which he is at the time, a man who lives on the road promoting stories dear to his heart.

Neville Hayes - Passionate Man

Neville Hayes (photo supplied)

Tasmania is Home For Now

by Carol Haberle

Born in Tamworth NSW and raised in Papua New Guinea, Neville then spent many years in Queensland involved in the tourism industry, with a background in business, marketing and advertising for over 30 years on the Gold Coast. He has travelled far and wide filming and producing video media for tourism promotions.

Winning Videographer

Neville has a fully mobile production outfit, housed in his state of the art high tech vehicle. His setup is quite unique, and gives him the ability to film, edit and upload to the internet from any location. Basically, what this means is two things. Neville can produce top quality video for much less, and have the final results ready within days of filming. Neville Hayes Video is an Australian based worldwide media online production unit. He can come to you, film in brilliant Sony High Definition, edit in his mobile production unit, view the prototype sample with you to discuss your exact needs and then upload to your webpage for the world to see.

While here Neville has filmed footage of many of the Midlands towns for the Northern Midlands Council General Manager, Adam Wilson and his pro-active team. The films are being put into a time capsule in the clock tower at Longford for historical preservation for future generations to be able to see what life in the midlands was in 2012. Neville also won the Spirit of Tasmania 2012 film competition with a promotional video put together, beginning with boarding the Spirit of Tasmania in Melbourne to arriving in Tasmania with daughter Ellie, and some humorous highlights of a ‘little’ Tasmania.

Neville Hayes - Video Studio

Neville Hayes: state of the art video studio (photos supplied)

Neville Hayes: Passionate Man

Neville’s daughter, Ellie Hayes, is also a photographer and studies outdoor recreation. Much to Neville’s delight, Ellie joins him on his journeys every chance she gets and her passions lie deep also. Neville also has a deep love of wildlife, and is very pro-active in wildlife conservation, not only in Australia, but worldwide. A chat with Neville soon turns to protection of wildlife, and he becomes very visible in his pain at seeing not only the inhumane slaughter of many species, but the lack of human involvement at protecting endangered wildlife. In around 8 months Neville will be off and travelling again, this time to promote a cause close to his heart, he will be voluntarily filming for the African Wildlife Conservation and Human Rights movement.

True Tasmanian Ambassador

Today though, Neville calls Tasmania home, having been here for almost a year, and the video clips Neville has made and allowed me to watch bear testament that this man has a deep love for not only Tasmania and all it has to offer, but for everything Tasmanian. This man’s love of our island state has developed a passion to promote and share the many secrets we have on offer, and he will return to Tasmania after his African trip.

Neville arrived in Tasmania with very little knowledge of our state, and in just 11 months has been astounded by the beauty that lies here. I’ll finish with Neville’s own words, “I really had no idea it even snowed here, had beautiful white beaches and food to die for.”  …yes, we have that, and so, so much more and in my opinion Neville Hayes is one outstanding ambassador for Tasmania!

Neville Hayes - Location Tasmania

Location: Tasmanian poppies (photo supplied)

If you would like to hire Neville Hayes for the making of video (very competitive prices) to promote anything Tasmanian, whether it be tourist attraction, accommodation, food, animal park or town, he can be contacted via mobile phone 0477 113 127. All images supplied by and published with permission of Neville Hayes Video Productions.

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