Thanks to Donna from Seaside Expressions Jewellery, we took particular notice of the night lights of Hobart recently. We published an article about the Tasman Bridge walk, and Donna suggested we return in the dark and note the spectacular display.

Night Lights of Hobart - Tasman Bridge

Tasman Bridge: Hobart at night

Night Lights of Hobart: For Real

If you’re Internet-searching for the “night lights of Hobart”, you may be looking for a comforting lamp for children. Or maybe the skyward beams from Dark Mofo’s recent Articulated Intersect installation. Or Heaven forbid, even some sort of nightclubbing review! We apologise if that’s the case. This is just a simple article sharing a few snaps we took while out admiring the scenery under the starry Tasmanian skies.

And please don’t feel you need to judge our photography skills. We’re not pretending to be experts in that department. We really should join a twilight photography session with Shutterbug Walkabouts Tasmania and hone our skills. The Hobart waterfront certainly provides awesome opportunities to capture wonderful images, especially at night with the amazing reflections.

Night Lights of Hobart - Walking Bridge

Footbridge over Tasman Highway, Hobart

Until we seek professional help, we’ll just grab the mobile phone and snap away whenever the mood strikes us! Or when we’re inspired by a suggestion from a client or reader, as in this case. We certainly do admire the photography of the experts like Dan Fellow of Tasmania Photos. Even if we did drag out the tripod once in a while, we could hardly compete.

Night Lights of Hobart - Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington

Tasman Bridge & Mount Wellington (photo by Dan Fellow)

Hobart’s Eastern Shore

The view across the Derwent River from the eastern shore showcasing the night lights of Hobart is possibly one of the most stunning vistas in Tasmania. Although that’s a mighty big call… once those words were on the computer screen, they seemed ridiculous. But twinkling lights and reflections do create a lovely scene… as equally gorgeous as many, many others. How about we say that instead?

Night Lights of Hobart - Wrest Point

Wrest Point Casino: Sandy Bay

Night Lights of Hobart - Casino

Colours of the Casino

Night Lights of Hobart - Docks

Docks of Hobart: lovely sight, lights at night

The waterfront suburbs in the Clarence City Council region of Montagu Bay, Rose Bay and Lindisfarne all provide great vantage points for capturing the night lights of Hobart. If you want to feature Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) in the background, or maybe include the iconic Tasman Bridge, that’s a good place to start.

Night Lights of Hobart - Boats and Bridge

Tasman Bridge from Montagu Bay

Rosny Hill Lookout

Rosny Hill Lookout is another popular spot for photographers. You do get quite good views along the Derwent River in both north and south directions, although it would be nice to climb even higher from the carpark. That pesky bushland gets in the way sometimes!

In the right location though, you can see the Hobart wharf and CBD as well as the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and Government House. Tasmanian tour operators often take their passengers to Rosny Hill to see the Tasman Bridge and Mount Wellington, giving everyone an eastern-shore perspective.

Night Lights of Hobart - Rosny Hill Lookout

Tasman Bridge: Rosny Hill Lookout

Night Lights of Hobart - City

Night lights of Hobart: Rosny Hill Lookout

So… if you’re a budding photographer in Tasmania for whatever reason, we’ve shared a few options here. Of course if you’re overnighting at The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to capture the night lights of Hobart.

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Map: Hobart, Tasmania

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