Back in October last year, Gina Scott wrote one of her articles for Think Tasmania about north east Tasmania. Among other things, she wrote about Ralphs Falls and mentioned local man, Norm Brown

Now we are venturing down the rocky road made by the famous local Norm Brown. He is a complete book waiting to be written! Such a character who has a fierce passion for the Mt Victoria region.

Ralphs Falls - Norm's Lookout

Norm’s Lookout, north east Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Norm Brown: Paying Tribute to a Local Character

David commented after Gina’s article was published…

Norm is a great book waiting to written and the ending, though sad is also cheerful. Hundreds of people turned up to pay tribute and to celebrate the life of Norm Brown, at the Scottsdale RSL on Wednesday 1st November 2011. Norm passed away shortly after completing the final task for the lookout, placing a pair of binoculars so that every visitor can enjoy the views. A great man who will be greatly missed by all in the district. Help celebrate his life by telling everyone you can, to visit the lookout and to drive the road from Ringarooma to Pyengana, completed by Norm.

Norm’s Lookout over Ralphs Falls

We agreed to do just that, and took photos of Norm’s Lookout to share when we had the chance to visit recently. Graham, our host from Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, recommends Ralphs Falls to many of his guests in north east Tasmania and was kind enough to act as our guide for a day trip around the Tasmanian north east region.

Living Life to the Full

David added a further note to Gina’s story…

Yes, Norm was a man who will be remembered for many things, not least Norm’s Lookout and Norm’s Road (it should be named so). One such achievement is that of defying cancer and his oncologist. He was diagnosed with advanced Prostate cancer and sent home to get his affairs in order, with only weeks to live. Instead, Norm researched alternative cures and lived another 9 years. He also saved the lives of many others by telling them what he had learned. He was an excellent inventor of machines and created many devices to make life easier for farmers and people in the country generally. He was truly a remarkable man and will be greatly missed.

You can see David’s comments (and interact if you wish) in the reply section of the Ralphs Falls article by Gina Scott.

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Map: Norm’s Lookout, Tasmania…

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