Earlier this month, we stayed in north east Tasmania at the delightful Tin Dragon Trail Cottages at Branxholm. We were invited by the owners (Graham, Christine and James) with a view to promoting their region. And what great ambassadors they are for the north east. Graham was happy to give up his time to act as our personal tour guide, and we definitely achieved a great deal during the three-night stay.

North East Tasmania - Blue Tier Region

Blue Tier Region: north East Tasmania

North East Tasmania: Top Billing

Despite powering around north east Tasmania, there’s still plenty of things we missed*. I do think Graham was very clever in this regard. We went to some places that we might never have found without his assistance; some places that are major tourist attractions; and some places we were given just a fleeting glimpse of, like the Blue Tier. He quite often said words along the lines of: “When you come back next time, you should…” If that’s not a ploy to whet the appetite for the region, I don’t know what is!

But that’s what you’d expect from a good tourism operator with a passion for his community. And we loved the region, so we’ll be quite happy to return and explore in more detail. North east Tasmania has been kept a bit secret actually, wedged as it has been between two of the current major tourism zones: Launceston and the North; and the East Coast. Like many smaller communities around the state, it has such a diverse range of assets that it deserves to have its name up in lights.

North East Tasmania - Sideling Lookout, Scottsdale

Sideling Lookout, Scottsdale: Launceston to East Coast

Think North East Tasmania: That’s The Plan

So that’s the next plan for Think Tasmania! Just as Roger Findlay, for example, has devoted himself to a series about Flinders Island (and prior to that King Island); I thought I’d write not one, but several articles about our recent visit to Branxholm. Of course I will be sharing details about the Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, which were awesome in every regard. That accommodation property could actually constitute a destination all on its own! But given our hosts wanted to showcase north east Tasmania, and did just that, we have so much more to write about.

North East Tasmania - Branxholm

Branxholm: north east Tasmania

We saw beautiful waterfalls and magnificent bush-walks. We learned about the history and tragedy of tin mining in Derby and retraced the steps of Chinese miners. In the space of a single day, we covered wood carvings, mountain trails and a dairy making first-class cheese and superb hot chocolates! We ate and drank at country pubs that provide a huge feast without the huge price tag. And we had a very nice tour with the farm manager of Bridestowe Lavender Estate; out of season and still an interesting and attractive place to visit. Coupled with the articles written by our regular contributor, Gina Scott (also from north east Tasmania) hopefully we’ll go some way towards shining that light.

North East Tasmania - Attractions and Features

Attractions and features: north east Tasmania

North East Tasmania Articles…

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Thanks to our gracious hosts at Tin Dragon Trail Cottages, and thanks to all the welcoming people of north east Tasmania. To have someone hold the door open past closing time because they’ve seen our car pull up, is a lovely gesture.

North East Tasmania - Art & Craft, Derby

Hobbyts’ Dragon in Derby

We must also say thanks to Des Brown of Eagles Nest Retreat near Sheffield (so across towards the north west side of the state). We wrote an article for Des about his Love in Tasmania campaign about 18 months ago, and apparently Graham and Christine contacted Think Tasmania at his suggestion. We mention this because we like to see a spirit of networking and co-operation between operators from all regions of Tasmania. Just saying!

And apologies to Ross Baker, who makes golf clubs at Barnbougle Lost Farm. We had hoped to visit to see his intriguing work, but didn’t make it that far north this time. And we were also hoping for a taste of cheese from Yondover Goat Dairy, but unfortunately they were closed. Anne from Berries Cafe in Derby is recuperating from an operation; and then there’s Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe and Oakdene Gardens and Museum. Shall I go on? Like I said, we’ll be back!

31 August ~ We’re very pleased to say we have now published…

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