Novelty mailboxes are an amusing feature on Tasmanian roads. Some owners put an amazing amount of thought and effort into the roadside collection of their post. And one of our regular readers, Lynn Gorman has taken quite a shine to the unique constructions. When she travels around Tassie, she makes a point of stopping to take photos. She’s sent some of those photos to share with you.

Novelty Mailboxes - Timmie the Sheep

Novelty mailboxes (photos by Lynn Gorman)

Novelty Mailboxes in Tasmania

by Lynn Gorman

We went for a drive today and guess what… another letterbox to add to the collection. I actually had a bit of time to study ‘Timmie’, and thank him for being there. If we hadn’t stopped, we wouldn’t have seen the flat tyre we unfortunately souvenired from our drive to the Alum Cliffs and Devil’s Gullet! ‘Timmie’ was found on the road between Mole Creek and Chudleigh.

The magpie and dachshund novelty mailboxes were in the Table Cape region, and the cow was in the Bay of Fires region. Hope these may be useful, I am always on the lookout for more.

Novelty Mailboxes - Magpie

Magpie (photos by Lynn Gorman)

Novelty Mailboxes - Dog

Novelty mailbox (photos by Lynn Gorman)

Novelty Mailboxes - Daisy the Cow

Bay of Fires (photos by Lynn Gorman)

Thanks to Lynn for sharing her photos with us. We’ll add to the collection when she sends more. If you have any photos of novelty mailboxes you’d like to share, just contact Think Tasmania.

11 August 2012 ~ As promised, Lynn has sent more photos to add to her collection of novelty mailboxes. Here’s a pink pig she spotted near Penguin!

Novelty Mailboxes - Pink Pig of Penguin

Pink pig: novelty mailboxes (photos by Lynn Gorman)

04 September 2012 ~ showing extreme dedication, Lynn has collected more photos of novelty mailboxes, sent in with these notes…

I’ve been on the hunt for novelty mailboxes again and found some in Bicheno (this is where the penguin mosaic is from) and on a drive between Marrawah and Smithton. I also found the ultimate letterbox drive on the C132 around Wilmot.

Wilmot even has two mural panels of some of the novelty mailboxes to be seen along the road, and outside their museum there is a small figure stating that it is not only a valley of views but also a letterbox trail. I didn’t have the chance to stop at all of them and took photos of some that I found interesting. I’m planning a return visit to capture the rest…. and hunt for more on our next trip to Tassie.

Novelty Mailboxes - Bicheno to Wilmot, Tasmania

Novelty mailboxes: Tassie (photos by Lynn Gorman)

Whilst I was continually stopping to take pictures of all the novelty mailboxes, my husband’s throw away comment was “someone should make a camera with a special ‘letterbox setting’ just for you!”

Luckily he is patient, but then he does a fair bit of camera twiddling himself, there is just so much wonderful scenery here. I would prefer a bumper sticker that says: WARNING: this vehicle may stop suddenly to photograph novelty mailboxes!

We hope Lynn gets to indulge in her other favourite Tasmanian passion on this holiday, and that’s a visit to the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory in Latrobe.