I have a nasty little headache today. Actually, I should say… I HAD a headache. I was about to reach for some chemist painkillers, when I thought better of the idea and instead grabbed my trusty box of Ocean Omegas products.

Ocean Omegas - Refresh and Revitalise body soap

Refresh and revitalise: Ocean Omegas

Flinders Island: Ocean Omegas

I should be working furiously today, because time at my own desk has been seriously limited lately. I’ve been doing lots of great stuff, but not so much writing for Think Tasmania.

Anyway… headache. Wouldn’t you know it? But now I’m okay, so let the first article I’ve written in ages share the joy of pain relief thanks to Ocean Omegas.

Luscious Lip Balm

Originally, when I stumbled across the Ocean Omegas products on Facebook, I was seeking a natural lip balm. We take so much care to eat foods free of any horrible additives, I thought it made perfect sense to eliminate chemicals from any ointment I put on my mouth.

Business owner John Wells sent me information about Ocean Omegas with the lip balm I’d requested.

Ocean Omega products are Tasmanian, exclusively formulated using penetrating Omega 3 marine oils obtained from the Bass Strait and Flinders Island region of Tasmania. Our raw material is derived from a traditional Aboriginal cultural activity of taking Moonbirds as a food source. Moonbird also known as Muttonbirds, shearwater and Yolla, the Aboriginal name.

Ocean Omegas - Natural Lip Balm

Natural lip balm: Ocean Omegas

Pain Relief: Headache Be Gone

John was also kind enough to send me some other product samples, including the pain relief treatment inspiring this article. Ocean Omegas topical products are used for skin conditions, muscular care and pain relief for a variety of complaints including arthritis, psoriasis and eczema.

I’ll tell you what… the pain relief has done absolute wonders for my headache today. I rubbed a little cream into my neck, and now I’m tapping away at my computer without a care in the world. Bliss!

Ocean Omegas - Pain Relief

Ocean Omegas: natural products from Tasmania

Ocean Omegas is located at 1337 Coast Road, Lady Barron on Flinders Island (so just north of the main island of Tasmania). Phone 0363 593 787 for details or follow Ocean Omegas on Facebook.

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