We recently introduced a newcomer to Tasmania, photographer Robert Todd. In that article, we mentioned Robert had photographed an old house. He’s interested in learning more about the history of the property, and wants to share his images with our readers. If anyone has anything to add to the Facebook discussion we started, please leave a reply in the comments section below.

Old House - Levendale History

Old house: Levendale Tasmania (photo by Robert Todd)

Old House: Intrigue and Images

by Robert Todd

On September 12, the Pittwater Photography Group met at the Woodsdale Museum. On the way out to Woodsdale we noticed many old barns and some really old houses around the region. With Les, a friend from the photography club, I had a better look at one old house in particular, and captured these images.

At first, we stopped and photographed an old barn on Buckland Rd, before turning off onto Tin Pot Marsh Road… or at least that’s where I thought we were at the time. Following further discussions with locals in the know, it turns out the old house in question was located at 23 Back Levendale Road. It also appears that the “old house” we were looking at, was in fact a former shop and residence.

Old House - Tasmania

Tasmanian scenery (photo by Robert Todd)

Anyway, driving some distance up this road we could see a gorgeous old building just on the bend, halfway up the hill. The old house was a mix of sandstone, wood and corrugated iron roofing. To me, it looked like the roof was installed much later in the life of the house.  Most of the stone work reminded me of the Tasmanian homes built during the early convict era.

Old House - History

Tasmania (photo by Robert Todd)

One can only imagine the glorious past this old house must of had. It’s a shame to see it standing (just) in its current state. Soon this one will succumb to the effects of gravity, and only a pile of rubble will be left behind.

I am intrigued by the history of this old house, and would love to know more. Thanks to everyone leaving messages via Think Tasmania on Facebook, and I would be very interested to read comments from anyone with more information to share.

Old House - Levendale

Back Levendale Road: Tasmania (photo by Robert Todd)

Chat About the Old House

We really should add some of the comments from Facebook for those that don’t use social media. Thanks to Sally Murfet for drawing attention to Robert’s quest for information, which resulted in the following message from Georgina Laing…

This photo is on Back Levendale Road, Levendale and is part of the property called Levenbanks owned by the McConnon family. It used to be a shop and this picture is the rear of the store and shop I believe. The front entrance was on the road side just around the corner from where the photo was taken.

Old House - 23 Back Levendale Road, Tasmania

Old house: 23 Back Levendale Road (photo by Robert Todd)

Carol Haberle was also able to add to the conversation with this comment…

The “Levenbanks Shop” belonged to the McConnon Family… it operated from the late 1800s until closure in the early 1900s. This is a rear view showing living quarters… the front of the shop had a verandah, now falling down, but still storefront is visible. The McConnons were also early ‘pioneers’ of the Levendale District.

Old House - Tasmanian History

Old house in Tasmania: history (photo by Robert Todd)

We published an article recently for Channel 7 to promote their House Rules renovating show, and we shared a photo of another old house, taken by Dan Fellow. That photo also generated intense interest, with lots of comments about the age and beauty of buildings in Tasmania. We’re very lucky to have such a great community of contributors and readers to help share information like this.  Thank you all.

Robert Todd lives in Primrose Sands and travels in Tasmania to capture images for his clients. He sells his work via Robert Todd Photography. For more details, call 0423 666 973.

Map: Old House, 23 Back Levendale Road, Tasmania…

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