We’re bemused to read visiting journalist suggestions for one day in Hobart with itineraries including EVERYTHING. Have they ever been here? You simply cannot visit a trio of stellar sites like Port Arthur Convict Settlement and Mount Field National Park and Tahune AirWalk in a single day and do any of them justice. Impossible! And insane to try.

Tasman Bridge, Hobart Tasmania

One Day In Hobart: treasures await

Keeping it Real: One Day in Hobart

We’ve had a little experience with tourist attractions in Tasmania, so we give you… one of many possible itinerary suggestions. This one day in Hobart is spent contained within the actual city limits and book-ended by stunning views over the Tasmanian capital. Pretend you’re arriving in Tassie on a Saturday morning via Hobart International Airport at Cambridge.

1. Rosny Point Lookout

Taking a quick detour from the highway between Hobart International Airport and Hobart’s CBD to Rosny will provide spectacular panoramic views over the Derwent River, Tasman Bridge and the city itself. A stroll around the parking area will provide visitors with vistas to Lutana in the north; Opossum Bay in the south, and Blundstone Arena in nearby Bellerive.

Rosny Point Lookout, Hobart

Hobart: Rosny Point Lookout

2. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Make a donation at one of the entry gates and visit Tasmania’s Botanical Gardens. You could spend one day in Hobart purely roaming the Queens Domain site and discover every collection; or you could squeeze in a quick reconnaissance, taking in just a few highlights. We love the…

There’s also a particularly good place to buy souvenirs: Botanical Shop. The Visitor Centre also houses Succulent Restaurant and Sprout Cafe. We must stay to eat and drink one day!

3. Salamanca Market

Always a winner, the Salamanca Market option is only viable for Hobart visits coinciding with a Saturday, when the market operates from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Stalls materialise on Salamanca Place between the lawns adjacent to Princes Wharf No 1 on Castray Esplanade and the heritage sandstone warehouses on Hobart’s picturesque waterfront. We usually choose the city’s Centrepoint Carpark, because it’s only a five-minute walk to Salamanca Market. You can also park there for longer (than the closer, metered parks allow).

It’s pertinent to note here: if your one day in Hobart does not fall on a Saturday, the Salamanca arts precinct is still an awesome place to visit even during non-market days/nights, with lots of galleries, shops and restaurants.

Salamanca Place, Hobart

Salamanca Arts Centre: Hobart Tasmania

4. Seafood Lunch

For lunch, grab freshly cooked fish n chips and take in the sights and sounds of the stunning waterfront marina. Mures Seafood Restaurant or the fish punts on Hobart’s famous Constitution Dock provide a good feed, as does Fish Frenzy on Elizabeth Street Pier. If seafood is not your thing, alternatives are absolutely endless.

Mures - Seafood Restaurant

Mures Seafood Restaurant, Hobart (photo Anelda Lotter)

5. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

We love, love, love TMAG. Again, it’s entry via donation… so whatever you can afford. We’ve tried to keep this day’s itinerary as pocket-friendly as possible, because holidays can run to great expense and not everyone has that luxury. Exhibitions do change regularly at Hobart’s down-town museum, so we’ll recommend our favourite permanent feature: Islands to Ice, examining Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Bond Store Galleries - Welcome to Van Diemen's Land

Bond Store Galleries: TMAG, Hobart

6. Have a White Cow

Basing yourself at Centrepoint Shopping Centre has another bonus, besides cheaper parking. You can buy a natural Greek frozen yoghurt dessert or handmade artisan gelato from White Cow on the way to collect your car. Head to Level Two for this Tasmanian delight. You cannot spend even one day in Hobart without treating yourself to something decadently delicious!

Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Hobart

Centrepoint Shopping Centre: Hobart Tasmania

7. Mount Nelson Signal Station Lookout

The Mount Nelson Signal Station Lookout does not have quite the same sensational views as its much bigger counterpart, Mount Wellington. But for still-striking views when time is limited and you want an easy and quick drive from central Hobart, this is the lookout for you. There are walks around the reserve, in addition to the history lessons contained within the signal station. Winning!

Mount Nelson Lookout - Signal Station

Mount Nelson Lookout and Signal Station: Hobart

8. Check-in: Hobart Accommodation

Stay the night… don’t be tempted to return to the airport and catch a flight home after a single day in Hobart. That would not be the best course of action; there’s just so much more to do. We have so much more to share with you! Accommodation in Hobart is plentiful when booked in advance. Freshen up; maybe grab a glass of wine or a cocktail and prepare for dinner.

Accommodation in Hobart Tasmania

Accommodation: Hobart Tasmania

9. Eat Dinner

Tasmania is the gourmet capital of the whole entire world. Where to eat on Saturday night after your day of fun in Hobart? We have lots of suggestions, but one of our all-time favourite places is Urban Greek. You cannot go wrong with the food – it’s divine – and the service is always warm and friendly. The banquet option serves up so much food… all of it good. Try some of the other fabulous Hobart dining establishments during the rest of your holiday.

Urban Greek restaurant in Hobart

Urban Greek Restaurant: Hobart

Of course we hope you’re not checking out of your accommodation in Hobart to go home the next day either. That would be tragic. You’d miss MONA. Stay longer. Do more things. Just don’t try to do too many far-flung things during one day in Hobart.

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Map: Hobart Tasmania

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