When I was asked to review Only in Tasmania, a history book, my mind flashed back to the last years of my school life and the countless hours I stared into space while our teacher droned on and on.

Only in Tasmania - Sandra Huett

Only in Tasmania (photo supplied)

Only In Tasmania: No Boring Bits

by Roger Findlay

I was hopeless at history as I couldn’t come to terms with all of the dates, countries with strange names and the countless emperors, kings and queens. The best bits were about battering rams, lechery and King Harold being shot in the eye by a bow and arrow!

Since becoming obsessed with all things Tasmanian, I have taken to reading a lot of history books that I buy new or off eBay. As part of an imaginary PhD, I am currently reading A History of Tasmania by Henry Reynolds. I love this book but I find it quite heavy going. Only In Tasmania presented me with a solution. I now read a bit of the heavy-going, serious stuff until I need respite and then I read the much lighter Only In Tasmania.

Sandra Huett: Tasmanian History Author

Author, Sandra Huett, quite rightly admits that her book is “history without the boring bits” and that she spent countless hours researching the unusual that hardly made the headlines. Sandra soon discovered that researching for a history book is no easy task. Distorted and conflicting accounts in the newspapers of the times made the job of deciphering the truth even more difficult. Fortunately she has a supportive family who helped and encouraged her throughout.

Only in Tasmania - History Book

History (photo supplied)

If you like reading snippets of trivia, then this book is for you. It’s the ideal book for a journey when you can’t concentrate for long or to read before going to sleep. Each snippet of information is presented in date order from 1642 until 2010 but it skips around 150 years of the stuff considered boring!

Gruesome HistoryOnly in Tasmania

Hangings, body snatchers, shipwrecks and fires all feature and now I’m the full bottle in all things Tasmania that I never knew. I don’t think Only in Tasmania will earn me credits for my PhD but it has certainly given me hours of pleasurable light-hearted reading.

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Sandra Huett will be offering a signed copy of her unique history book to one lucky Think Tasmania subscriber. To purchase a copy for $25-00 (including postage) visit the Only in Tasmania website. You can also follow Only in Tasmania on Facebook.