Promotion of Tasmania is generally gourmet and up-market when it comes to food, produce, fine wines and beverages. We know that; and we know Tasmania does eating and drinking so well. But sometimes we just like to get back to basics. To quote Supernaut (1976), we… like it both ways! That’s why our Best in Tassie Challenge today features the humble but ever-popular chicken parmi.

Chicken Parmi - Dunalley Hotel

Chicken Parmi: Dunalley Hotel, Tasmania

Chicken Parmi… VIP Pub Grub

Inspired by an article about the Dunalley Hotel and a follow-up challenge to discover the best pub in Tasmania, we asked this question of our Facebook fans:

Who does the best Chicken Parmi in Tasmania, pub or otherwise. Please note: we do use this as potential material for the website.

As always, the question was open to anyone and everyone. These are the thoughts expressed by our very helpful readers. We’ve added external links wherever possible so you can conduct further research yourself. If you’re so inclined, that is!

Marina ~ Riverside Hotel Motel, Thursday is parmi night and the food is delicious

Anne-Maree ~ Commercial

Dannii ~ Shoreline Hotel

Emma ~ Molly Malones Irish Pub in Devonport! They’re huge!

Lauren ~ Best Parmi I’ve had is at The Shout Bar

Katherine ~ Fern Tree Tavern. Best “Parmies of The World” and Pint, $16.00. Monday and Tuesday evenings

Flinders Island (Transition Program) ~ You’ve all got it wrong. The Flinders Island Interstate Hotel is the best! People come from all over for an Interstate Parmi.

At this point, reader Tali called in the experts! Apparently Mitch is the master of all things parmi, and even organises specific challenges on the topic. There’s a group of parmi connoisseurs who are obviously very serious about their hobby; and good on them, we say. They have an official Facebook page and everything (although not very active just at the minute). Mitch informed us “The Parmi Challenge group have had a lot of parmis and there are some damn good ones around Tasmania!”

We are more than happy to defer to the experts, and we called a halt to our challenge immediately. We don’t like to encroach on someone’s well-established turf. If and when the group resumes their quest to find the best parmi in Tasmania, we’d love to hear (and share) their results. Maybe a top three would be reasonable? Until then, feel free to add your own opinions below for others to note.

Susan probably summed up this light-hearted challenge, the final in our long-running best of Tassie series (for now) when she said… “Sorry, I can’t help. When I’m visiting Tasmania I eat seafood, seafood and more seafood!”

Parmi - Prawns


In relation to the photo of prawns (above), we’ve been told before (in no uncertain terms) that you can’t get Tasmanian prawns. It was in response to an article we published about Tasmanian Menu, a book by Simone Bett, which did indeed feature a prawn dish. An article written by Jamie Henderson for titled Prawing in Tasmania – oh yeah! would suggest otherwise. We’re hoping he’s an expert in the field of Tasmanian prawns, now we’ve just quoted him! If you’re an expert on the matter, feel free to leave your own opinions below.

Parmi - Tasmanian Menu

Tasmanian Menu by Simone Bett (click image)

These oysters (pictured below), which tasted mighty fine, were from Mures Tasmania, a local seafood icon on the waterfront in Hobart. August has been dubbed Festival of Oysters month, so we called in during our weekend stay in Hobart at The Old Woolstore for a little sample. Yes, more research! If we say that enough, you might believe us…

Parmi - Oysters from Mures

Oysters, Mures Hobart (click image)

Like Susan, we must order seafood more often than parmi as well. For seafood, we had plenty of choices in our image catalogue; but the chicken parmi… not so many. Even with 1000s of photos on file. Maybe we just didn’t take any photos on those occasions? That happens sometimes when we’re really hungry and we forget to photograph before eating! And on that note, we’ll leave you to decide whether seafood gets your vote over other gastronomical options in Tasmania.

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. If you have a photo to substantiate your opinion or theory, even better. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered.