Meegan MacQueen is the founder of Pay It Forward Tasmania, a not-for-profit Facebook page running on pure kindness! Almost 5,000 big-hearted folk have created a positive network, offering goods, services and support to anyone who needs them. And everything is given totally free of charge.

Pay It Forward Tasmania - Meegan MacQueen and Elaine Philpott

Meegan MacQueen: Pay It Forward Tasmania (photo supplied)

Pay It Forward Tasmania: Free Family Fun Festival

Meegan has issued an invitation to all Think Tasmania readers to attend a FREE family festival on Saturday November 30. The event itself will be free to enter and visitors can enjoy rides, entertainment and Tasmanian food and wine.

The organisers from Pay It Forward Tasmania are using the event (to be held at the Community Club in the small Tasmanian town of Bagdad, 35kms north of Hobart) as a way to thank all the people showing support over the last 18 months. Stall holders can attend and showcase their Tassie products, also for free! There is no charge at all for a space, vendors just need to provide their own tables and shelters (there are no powered sites). Contact Meegan MacQueen (phone 0418 220 758) for more details about this amazing opportunity.

Pay It Forward Tasmania - Free Family Fun Festival

Pay It Forward Tasmania (poster supplied)

Meegan MacQueen: From The Beginning

In January 2011, Meegan MacQueen rallied help for a friend’s daughter when she lost her house in a fire. Initially, Meegan used her own personal Facebook page, and she was overwhelmed by the amount of support and kindness shown. Pay It Forward Tasmania was a natural progression, the page being a platform to utilise everyone’s help in one place. “It has been an amazing experiment in philanthropy and very rewarding personally,” says Meegan.

Pay It Forward – Tasmania is open to similar like-minded, kind people who are willing to help others. Meegan would welcome more followers to her Facebook page. Their motto, and one you have to admire… it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.

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