We received a lovely letter from Pedal Buggies Tasmania after we published an article about their business. Obviously, we’re always keen to hear from happy business owners, but we don’t normally make this sort of thing public. However Dallas wrote such a glowing report of Michelle that we couldn’t resist this time. We have a stellar group of regular contributors, and Michelle Kneipp Pegler is definitely a vital part of that great team. She does a fantastic job promoting Gunns Plains and the surrounding communities.

Pedal Buggies Tasmania - Michelle & John

Michelle and John: Pedal Buggies Tasmania

This is what Dallas from Pedal Buggies Tasmania had to say (and we quote)…

What a great job Michelle has done with this article. Michelle and John just dropped in unannounced and while I chatted to John, Michelle just went about her business taking a few photos here and there and looking around along with us having a few chats between customers. Michelle made it a very relaxed visit for me. It probably wasn’t quite as relaxed for her and John as they did their fair share of exercise as they tried different buggies out.

When Michelle and John left it left me thinking “Has Michelle cottoned on to what we are about in this visit”?  Well I think she has done a terrific job and captured what we are about very well. You are very fortunate to have someone like Michelle writing for you. I would like to say to you at Think Tasmania “Thank You for considering us worthy to do a story on.”  Keep up this great work you are doing in promoting this, our lovely state. The stories you publish are excellent. Thanks for helping the little tourism businesses along. It’s nice to see smaller businesses promoted in such a positive way and not all the limelight on the large players as is often the case.

Thank you.

Don’t forget when you and your family are up this way come and check us out as guests in appreciation for what you have done.

Please feel free to use this letter online. Again thank you, and for all the links, Facebook etc.

All the best and I hope to meet you sometime soon.

Regards Dallas, Pedal Buggies Tasmania

Dallas is right. We are very fortunate to have someone like Michelle writing for us! And I think the north west coast is pretty lucky as well.

Leven Canyon - Walks

Michelle: Leven Canyon

Michelle Kneipp Pegler writes a blog called Leven River Farm as well as articles like this about the north west coast of Tasmania. If you’d like Michelle to visit you, please contact Think Tasmania.

Map: Pedal Buggies Tasmania, Ulverstone

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