This is a question more than an article, really. Have you been to Penny Royal in Launceston?

Penny Royal - Adventures, Launceston Tasmania

Adventures: Penny Royal, Launceston Tasmania

The Adventures of Penny Royal

We took our international guests from Hobart to Launceston and decided – spur of the moment – to visit Penny Royal. We hadn’t been before, but we had almost zero time to spare. I think we should go back again for a more in-depth look. What do you think?

Penny Royal - Launceston Tasmania tourist attraction

Launceston Tasmania: tourist attraction

The place looked quite beautiful, enhanced no end by the autumn colours. Many people were enjoying the attractions, including the overhead zip-line… or should we call that a flying fox?

Penny Royal - Adventures in Tasmania

Autumn colours at Penny Royal

Penny Royal Wine Bar and Restaurant

We rubber-necked our way through Penny Royal Wine Bar and Restaurant on the water’s edge. There was nothing to dissuade a more thorough investigation (you know, like dinner and drinks). Quite the opposite actually… it looked very promising.

Penny Royal - Wine Bar and Restaurant

Penny Royal Wine Bar and Restaurant

The waterfall provided a stylish backdrop for selfies. And the ice-creamery cafe boasted lavender flavour for our Tassie tourists. We’ve heard positive reports about the Penny Royal accommodation too, so maybe we should even stay the night next time. So many possibilities.

Penny Royal - Launceston Tasmania, waterfall

Waterfall: Launceston Tasmania

Penny Royal is located at 1 Bridge Road, Launceston. The site is practically across the road from Ritchies Mill, and not far from Cataract on Paterson. Phone (03) 6332 1000 for details or follow the Facebook pages for Penny Royal Adventures and Penny Royal Wine Bar and Restaurant.

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