One piece of advice about Peppermint Hill Lookout… persevere!

Peppermint Hill - Lookout

Peppermint Hill Lookout: opening hours

Lookout: Peppermint Hill

The first time we attempted to visit Peppermint Hill Lookout in New Norfolk we couldn’t find it, and had to settle for views from Pulpit Rock Lookout. On our second attempt, we arrived too late because the site closes earlier than usual on weekends. The third time was NOT a charm for us. The Derwent River was shrouded in fog and the views were minimal. Maybe it was the infamous Bridgewater Jerry? Maybe it was just regular-old, low-lying cloud in the Derwent Valley.

Peppermint Hill - Derwent River Fog

Peppermint Hill Lookout: New Norfolk

Whatever the fog, it made for difficult viewing of the New Norfolk landscape. However, stubborn as we are, we returned AGAIN when the sun came out and ta-dah… splendid panoramic vistas.

Peppermint Hill - Tasmania

Peppermint Hill Lookout: New Norfolk

Getting There: Peppermint Hill Lookout

I can give you some tips on the location of Peppermint Hill Lookout. But please be warned; giving OR following directions is not my strongest attribute.

  • If you follow the directional signs to Peppermint Hill Waste Transfer Station, you’re on the money.
  • We started our lookout adventure at Woodbridge on the Derwent accommodation property.
  • Rather than turning north at the roundabout on Lyell Highway and crossing the Derwent River bridge, we headed south on Blair Street.
  • Then we took the third right into Dean Street, which morphs into an unsealed road.
  • After about 1km, there’s another right turn which leads to the lookout, about 500 metres away from the sign we’ve pictured.

Good luck and happy hunting! If you happen to find Peppermint Hill Lookout, we’d love to see your photos sometime. Cheers!

Peppermint Hill - New Norfolk

Derwent River views: Peppermint Hill Lookout

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Map: Peppermint Hill, New Norfolk…

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