You may know we’ve been writing about pet-friendly accommodation in Tasmania recently. You may also have heard an interview we did with Helen Shield on ABC Radio about the subject. We revealed we’re on a mission to find out more about this popular topic. We also revealed Think Tasmania had been invited to stay at a bed and breakfast property in Cygnet… but we didn’t want to give away too much, too soon.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Think Research Mission

Think Tasmania: pet friendly accommodation

Huon Valley: Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania

At Think Tasmania, we experience a place first-hand, form our own opinions, and only then share with the world. Gardener’s Cottage near Cygnet, about 45kms south of Hobart, offers pet-friendly accommodation in Tasmania and is definitely a place we can now recommend with confidence.

We’ll have more information to share in the coming weeks about our hosts Daniel and Harmonie; the stellar central location of their property, and the facilities they offer all tourists (with or without pets on holiday). But for now, we’ll focus on the news our dog-loving audience has been waiting for.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Gardener's Cottage, Cygnet

Gardener’s Cottage: pet friendly accommodation, Tasmania

This was our first-ever stay at pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania. We were nervous! Our dog is more spoiled than obedient. We adopted her from the Hobart Dogs Home and took her along to puppy school. She sits; she walks nicely on a lead, and she’s house-trained. But she considers the command “come here” totally optional. If there’s a reward on offer, she might consider strolling in your direction when she’s good and ready. Otherwise, she’s doing her own thing. So secure fencing was of paramount importance to us.

Room to Run: Large Fenced Paddock

Gardener’s Cottage does have fencing, very suitable for small-medium puppies and well-trained dogs. Our baby is a bitzer: half husky (a breed prone to jumping fences and running off) and half kelpie (a breed designed to fetch sheep). With cows and ducks tempting her in the next paddock, we didn’t ever leave her outside on her own. But she had an absolute ball chasing rabbits and taking in all the sights and smells of the rural landscape.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Gardners Bay

Secure fencing: pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania

Inside, the cottage was even more perfect. The furniture was way better than we’d expected when thinking pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania. Not scruffy, second-hand furniture more suited to dogs than humans; but stylish and comfortable. If our pooch was to sit with us, we were to cover the lounges with the rugs provided. We covered one lounge, thinking that would suffice… but no! We then covered both lounges so Her Ladyship could sit where-ever she pleased.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania: Beds Off Limits

The beds are off-limits for doggie guests here. If we had linen even nearly as swish, Coco wouldn’t be allowed on the beds at home either. But, ahem… she does sleep on the beds at home, and was very annoyed to realise she was banned from the same prime position at sleep-time on our getaway. We took her own bedding with us, and the hosts did provide a lovely, fluffy bed just for her. But she’s still recovering from that indignation!

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Beds

No go zone… keep pets off the beds!

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Bedding and Blankets

Bedding, blankets and bowls: Gardener’s Cottage

Each pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania will be different, of course. In this circumstance, we were also supplied with bowls to use for food and water; and the hosts really did like dogs. Daniel and Harmonie came to the cottage to meet us, and to reassure us that Coco was welcome indoors once her feet were cleaned of any mud. They gave us some good tips about dining out with dogs; or eating at home.

We were told there were dog-friendly beaches in the region, and we were all keen to find one. A husky-kelpie cross has a lot of energy! We drove to Eggs and Bacon Bay; on our first attempt, we arrived at a beach to find dogs were prohibited. With a little perseverance, we found another beach at Randalls Bay, which was absolutely perfect.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania - Dog Beaches

Not all beaches allow dogs like Randalls Bay

Despite the chilly weather, we donned coats, beanies and a winter scarf, and set off on a long walk. Or in the doggie’s case… a manic run. We played with several other dogs, and left there with one exhausted puppy.

So, our first foray into pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania has been a resounding success. We were really happy to have our dog with us; and Coco was extremely excited to come along for the ride. In fact, she waited patiently for us on the back seat of the car for 30 minutes before leaving. She was certainly much easier to convince than the teenagers that a new adventure was a good idea. They were a tad more reluctant to abandon their PS3 for a night away… but more about that later.

We stayed as guests courtesy of Gardener’s Cottage at 1014 Woodbridge Hill Road in Gardners Bay (near Cygnet). You can contact Daniel and Harmonie by phone on 0405 799 604 or email to book pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania. Follow Gardener’s Cottage on Facebook.

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