We start new Best in Tassie Challenges to provide information to Think Tasmania readers. But when we launched the pet friendly accommodation challenge, we were particularly keen to read the responses. We have a ferocious guard dog, so the subject is personally relevant. Could we actually take our pooch on holiday with us?

Pet Friendly Accommodation - Travel with Dogs

Pet friendly accommodation (photos by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Pet Friendly Accommodation: What’s the Go?

We asked this of Think Tasmania Facebook followers:

The best child and pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania… who’d get your vote? Please keep in mind, we’ll write about our snap-poll, as promised during our cupcake challenge.

Sadly, unlike our other Best in Tassie Challenges (which have sparked much spirited discussion), the pet friendly accommodation question fell flat. The few responses we received were as follows…

Fellow dog-lover Michelle, from Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours left a message telling us she wanted answers too. And that turned into a common, ongoing theme. Many people have since contacted us privately to ask about pet friendly accommodation. What did we find out, and when were we planning to share the results?

Kristie Lee made a good point: “How about pet friendly and NO children? Is there such a place?” We did have one suggestion for Kristie. While staying at Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways in Launceston, there were couples with magnificent show dogs staying in some of the units. Business owners Louise and Rob Widdowson have the most gorgeous poodle-cross dog themselves; that fact possibly inspired the decision to provide pet friendly accommodation to their guests.

Pet Friendly Accommodation - Launceston Tasmania

Pet friendly:: Alice’s Cottages & Spa Hideaways

Maybe we made the challenge too specific, by including children in the picture? Maybe couples and singles are more likely to travel with pets, as opposed to families? We noted that theory (with thanks to Kristie) and left the challenge in the “too hard” basket for a while. Rather than overnight stays, we continued to enjoy day-trips with our pooch; like a lunch outing to Patchwork Cafe in New Norfolk, and a picnic adventure in Orford.

Travelling With Pets in Tasmania

Then our shameful, dismal apathy came back to haunt us! A reader lodged a 6pm (forum o’clock) question on Facebook, with this admonishment…

You promised a Best in Tassie Challenge for pet friendly accommodation and we’ve been waiting ever since for the results. Maybe your readers can give us (and you!) some feedback or suggestions about travelling with pets and dog-friendly activities and attractions in Tasmania. Thanks.

Kathy informed us the Scottsdale Visitor and Information Centre had a photocopy sheet to distribute, listing caravan parks and free camping spots. She also thought people could just Google “pet friendly accommodation in Tasmania”. Those options are certainly reasonable suggestions. But we get the distinct impression from regular feedback that Think Tasmania readers are willing us to report more of our first-hand experiences. That is what we promise to do, after all.

Two more ideas from readers were forth-coming…

Pet Friendly Accommodation - Bruny Island

Pet friendly accommodation: Bruny Island

Annette told us to “stay tuned… open for next summer pet friendly”. That’s a little bit cryptic but we’ll be excited to hear more when the time comes.

The owners of Eucalypt Cafe in Port Arthur told us they travel with a “small mutt” but find it difficult to discover places where their dog is allowed inside. They’ve found a holiday village and a large cottage so far.

The comment from Eucalypt Cafe raised another issue we’d not considered. Does pet friendly accommodation mean animals can come inside and sleep on the bed? Or does it just mean the property has an enclosed yard? This mission is becoming more difficult by the minute! Trust us though, we’re taking all this on board. And we’ve been inspired even more over the last couple of days, for two reasons.

On the Agenda: Pet Friendly Accommodation

Firstly, we were invited to return for another stay at Tin Dragon Trail Cottages in Branxholm for the long weekend in June, to experience and write about the Dorset Art Festival. We asked our regular contributor Len Langan (who is passionate about heritage, tourism and the arts) to represent Think Tasmania. He was delighted to accept the assignment, as long as he could organise a temporary home for his beloved Boswell while he was away. We were very sad to think of Boswell being left behind in a kennel. Len and Jill however, are confident he’ll be looked after very well and they’re now looking forward to a trip to north east Tasmania to explore more of the region.

Pet Friendly Accommodation - Holiday in Tasmania

Boswell (photos by Len Langan)

Secondly, we’ve been invited to stay at Gardener’s Cottage, a bed and breakfast property near Cygnet. They allow children; they offer pet friendly accommodation AND they’re keen to promote winter holidays in southern Tassie. Talk about perfect timing! We’ll be travelling to the Huon Valley again in June (all things going to plan).

Pet Friendly Accommodation - Travel with Dogs

Ria: Mountain River Yoghurt (photo by Jen Holdsworth)

We’ve already confessed to our hosts that we’re new at travelling with a dog, and they’ve agreed to talk us through the do’s and don’ts when we meet them. So this could be the start of another series, about pet friendly accommodation. Actually, judging from past history it will more likely result in two series, with another about the highlights from the town of Cygnet. As Annette would say… stay tuned.

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered. If you want Think Tasmania to visit you and report on your business to all our readers, please contact us to make a request.