Here is the photo I’ve selected from Carol’s collection for publication by Think Tasmania this month. It was taken at Pet Reservoir in Ridgley at 7:12pm on 3 December 2010, as the evening fog began to settle ~ Greg Hale

Pet Reservoir - Ridgley Tasmania

Pet Reservoir: Ridgley Tasmania

Pet Dam or Pet Reservoir

Pet Reservoir is also known by another name: Pet Dam. This photographic subject from the Haberle family’s home town of Ridgley, north west Tasmania has featured previously in our photo of the month series.

Pet Dam - Ridgley Tasmania

Pet Dam (Pet Reservoir) Ridgley Tasmania

You’ll find more information and outstanding photos in that article about Pet Reservoir.

Greg Hale is curating this series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo (or photos) taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re delighted to continue sharing her great work with her fans.

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